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Steve’s short review of the TV show Black Lightning, and another entry into the Z-A (Zombie Apocalypse) sweepstakes. Git yer zombie on and zap ‘em!


This week, Steve reviews two books: one hard SF, one pretty good zombie book. And wants to wish you all a belated Happy International Women’s Day!


After a two-week absence, Steve returns with a book review. Complimentary—and scathing—Steve talks about Mark Rounds’ first book.

Scide Splitters: Terminal Alliance by Jim C. Hines

Jim C. Hines, known for his fantasy novels, tries his hand at humorous military SF and presents us with an unlikely group of heroes—Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse.

Game review: The Last of Us (Remastered)

The Last of Us is a well realized computer game that contains both a thrilling zombie story and brilliant drama.

Review: Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Strange

Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse takes readers on the twisted journey of celebrity chef Floyd Rampant, brought back to life after being dead for fifteen years. What could go wrong?

Comic Review: Tales from the Crypt from Super Genius

Super Genius Comics digs up some fresh blood for Tales from the Crypt, Issue No. 1. A welcome return to this classic over-the-top horror series.

Book Review: Zombie Gold by John L. Lansdale

Zombie Gold by John L. Lansdale welcomes a wide range of readers by combining zombies with supernatural elements, classic folklore, science fiction and a touch of American history.

Comic Book Review: Draw Blood – A Horror Anthology

Draw Blood - A Horror Anthology is the graphic novel’s answer to flash fiction, a unique collection of six very short comic book storylines, all packed in one chilling issue.

Review: THE WITCH OF ZAL by Kerry Gans

THE WITCH OF ZAL by Kerry Gans is a book of two journeys. One taken by a heroine traveling to a magical land, and one taken by the readers who experience a re-imagined classic.

Book Review: Mutation by Nerys Wheatley

If zombie fiction is your cup of entrails, Mutation, the first novel in Nerys Wheatley’s Twenty-Five Percent trilogy provides an action packed thrill ride with some interesting new twists.

Summer 2016 SF Anime Preview

The age of the light novel adaptation has passed and the age of the video game adaptation is upon us. Plus a few other shows coming our way very soon...

Charlando con Alejandro Colucci

An interview with award winning artist Alejandro Colucci (A link to an English translation available in the post)

Cameo Creeps: Tiny Paintings With Monster Details!

Fascinating collectible miniature monster paintings with amazing detail and bone-chilling appeal! Cameo Creeps are painstakingly detailed miniature monster portraits inspired by Elizabethan paintings of the...

The Walking Dead v The Walking Dead

Which is better, Robert Kirkman’s classic comic book series The Walking Dead from Image Comics or Robert Kirkman’s hit television series The Walking Dead on AMC?

FREAKS OF NATURE film review, plus POLAR BOREALIS—a new semiprozine!

This week, Steve reviews the 2015 Horror-humour film "Freaks of Nature" and finds it rather flat, then alerts the media (us!) about a new semi-pro Canadian SF/F e-magazine!

Film Review: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

It is a predicament author Jane Austen could never have imagined when she dreamed up the Bennet clan several centuries ago and is every bit as silly as it sounds. This is not a bug of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.

An Interview With Renowned Music Composer: Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows...

an interview with composer and game director AkiraYamaoka

Anime roundup 1/7/2016: Best of 2015

As the anime world takes its end-of-year holiday, it's time to look back on the best that 2015 brought us.

Review: The Maker’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse by Simon Monk

The Maker’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse by Simon Monk is a fun way to learn about basic preparedness and how to craft some essential electronic contraptions to survive the horde.

The Glenn Thing

Glenn is dead and the show may have damaged its rep with the audience (just a bit)

MCM Comic Con Fall Edition

Where do Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Batman, Boba Fett, the Borg, and Captain Jack Sparrow hang out?

Anime roundup 10/1/2015: Pomp and Circumstance

In this week's viewing: Three terrific shows come to a close.

Anime roundup 9/25/2015: At Loose Ends

In this week's viewing: Rokka sort of ends, and more!

Anime roundup 9/17/2015: Show Your Hand

In this week's viewing: Hypotheses fall by the wayside as it's time to stop hinting and start revealing.

Anime roundup 9/10/2015: No-Labor Day

In this week's viewing: Writers are taking it easy, except for the ones at Gatchaman Crowds insight which have more things to say!

Review: Lincoln’s Wizard by Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis

Filled with airships, dragons, zombies, robots, and a wide array of other gear driven inventions, Lincoln’s Wizard is a fresh Steampunk take on the War Between the States.

Anime roundup 9/3/2015: Nonlinear Accelerators

In this week's viewing: Lots of important flashbacks-- try not to get lost!

Anime Roundup 8/27/2015: Strutting Their Stuff

In this week's viewing: Charlotte and Rokka uncork fantastic new powers, and more!

Anime roundup 8/20/2015: Missing Character Formation

In this week's viewing: How to develop characters by killing people off, and more!