Comic Review: Tales from the Crypt from Super Genius

Tales from the Crypt cover A

What’s old is new again, and in this case, fandom wins! The original publication of Tales from the Crypt by EC Comics occurred back in the 50’s for a short stint while a few other organizations, including the people in Hollywood, gave the series an occasional try. But it is the classic, memorable comics that hold a special place in the heart of many fans of horror. And thanks to the people over at Super Genius Comics (a teen+ imprint of Papercutz) who claim to print “blockbuster sequential art the way it used to be done,” they back up their boast with the No. 1 issue of hopefully many more Tales from the Crypt comics.

Just like the original tri-story comics, Publisher Jeff Nantier and Editor-In-Chief Jim Salicrup have compiled a trio of works that will bring back some cherished memories for returning fans and given us a strong introduction for those new to the Crypt world.

“Die-Vestment” is written by Stefan Petrucha with artwork by Jolyon Yates, color by JayJay Jackson, and lettering by Tom Orzechowski. Wall Street icon Brent Angleton takes advantage of (and body parts from) those less fortunate than him on his trek to artificial immortality, but his blind lust for power seals his doom with an ironic ending loyal to the Crypt style.

In a bizarre tale, readers see life through the eyes of Marty Fletcher, a disgruntled banker who works among the undead in “Zombie Bank.” Written by David Antony Kraft and Onrie Kompan with art and color from Miran Kim and lettering by Tom Orzechowski, this story is more about a madman’s building rage and the twisted reality he lives in than the unlikeliness that somebody could live a normal life amongst a society filled with zombies.

“The Werewolf of Wall Street” is written by Scott Lobdell with artwork by John McCrea, color by Dee Cunniffe, and lettering by Tom Orzechowski. A quick story to close out the first issue, readers are left guessing who the true villain is until the last panels. Like the comic itself, the werewolf angle never gets old.

Everything about this return of Tales from the Crypt is a welcomed element that comic-book fandom needed. Returning with their pun filled prologs introducing each story, we even get to hear from The Crypt-Keeper himself along with The Old Witch and The Vault-Keeper.

Using the traditional decaying yellow title font over a shock-teasing image, Cover A (shown above) is one of four cover options for the first issue, this one is by Jolyon Yates with color work by JayJay Jackson. Inside, the graphics are lively and modern with just enough camp and gore to remind readers of the original publications.

Welcome back Tales from the Crypt. Following this much-needed return to the classic over-the-top horror series, we can’t wait to see what stories you dig up for issue No. 2.

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