Ed Dwight is finally going to space!

The serialization of Dave Creek’s Chanda’s Legacy (Part 5) continues tomorrow!

Also:  Fan Ellen Klages will be a contestant on Jeopardy! this coming Wednesday, the 22nd


David Langford (Ansible) shares some interesting SF themed postcard stamps

Catherin Crockett shares a Nicholas Meyer post about a Roger Corman film featuring William Shatner that must be watched

James Davis Nicoll discusses the lethality of major SF/F/H awards.  (I’ve a few suggestions of my own in the comments.)

Michael Swanwick’s collection is a Locus Award finalist

Bob Eggleton muses on offering prints for one of his latest cover designs

Samuel Delany talks about his love for Theodore Sturgeon

Sandra Bond shares the passing of David Redd

Joyce Scrivener jumps on the Ted Sturgeon bandwagon

Taral Wayne shares more of his fan art

A Bit Off The Beaten Path

Boo McAfee brings Fandom of a different kind to our attention with a link to this video about WFD – the World’s Fastest Drummer contest – another special interest that brings both art and technology together:  Boo is the co-inventor of the Drumometer


John Purcell announces the near completion of his latest fanzine Intermezzo


James Webb Sun Photos (highly detailed)

An ancient rescue mission that failed – a Roman soldier attempting to rescue victims of Vesuvius’ eruption uncovered

A “first ever” video simulation of traveling through a Black Hole

Ancient trees are revealing new insights into our climate crises

Animation of How a auroras are created


Speaking of volcanoes – here’s the biggest eruption ever recorded from space

Very cool animation of the axial tilt of the planets of our solar system

An earthlike world has been discovered within the habitable zone of its star


The director of the International Monetary Fund says that AI is hitting the international labor force “like a tsunami”

Voice Over Talent Suing AI Companies


David Brin shares his take on Forty First Lines from SF&F

Philip Jose Farmer gets a little love

Just For Fun

General Relativity For Babies

A very cool short video of a diorama depicting a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey


Samuel R. Delany will be giving a lecture for Pride Month at the Free Library in Philadelphia

The US State Department has issued a global warning to LGBTQI+ traveling citizens

Glasgow 2024 is urging members to review their membership entries – the souvenir book will be closing soon


A signed edition of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers is being auctioned.  Bidding starts at $24,000.

A vintage newspaper article about a collector of vintage pulps – Howard DeVore

Social Commentary

Lani Dunn shares an AI project using data owned by the creators, yet they are still being castigated for “theft” (forget the squirrels, the Luddites are out today)

A “video portal” connecting two cities reveals some unsettling truths about our species

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