Are cats sabotaging our society? Can romance and SF get along? Will the inflatoplane really fly? These and other startling questions asked today on Amazing News!

The “Ant Man”, E. O. Wilson, champion of biodiversity, has died.  (His book, The ANTS, enjoys a prominent place in my collection.)

For those who want to know Where is WEBB?

Calling All Space Rangers!

Good info on TV Shows Past here

JPL offers up Climbing Mount Sharp (our understanding is that “My Mother the Car” will not be seen in order to bring you this broadcast)

Is Spider-Man Jewish?  No, but he lives in a Jewish Neighborhood (Note to goyim: no, it’s not Cosplay.) (Other note to goyim.  Goyim is itself not insulting, but it can be used that way.  Judd Hirsch illustrates this in the movie Independence Day.)

Run Up To Worldcon China Watch*Pro-Democracy news site closes following government raid.

(Lawn) DART Sends back first images

If you looked up, this is the science you’d see behind Don’t Look Up

A Podcast interviews Elon Musk

As the name would suggest, SciFiLampoon is looking for funny submissions.  Well, actually, they want their submissions to conform to standard MS format….

Celebrating the year just past, along with free fan art

Orlando bids for the NASFiC

Habitat for Humanity unveils first 3D printed home

Yes, “Inflatoplane” was a real thing

Évelyne really liked Worldcon

Jason Sanford discusses online harassment

Clarion West offers up Fantastic Intersection

Apparently, Google the Would-Be AI Overlord has managed to ally itself with Cats

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