2018 Premio Ignotus Nominees
The nominees for the Premio Ignotus 2018 (2018 Ignotus Awards) have been announced by Spain’s Asociación Española de Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción y Terror. The nominees include works translated into Spanish, by Sarah Pinborough, Charles Stross, Joe Hill, N. K. Jemisin,

2018 Chesley Awards Nomination List
The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists has released the finalists for the 33rd annual ASFA awards, the Chesleys. The Chesley is named for astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell. The winners will be voted by ASFA members. The awards will

Mighty Marvel Roundup, Part 2
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Marvel cram course: Every Marvel movie up to Infinity War More videos follow the jump. Marvel Bunch Infinity War cast Family Feud Dr. Spock from Star Wars Pitch meeting for Antman Pitch meeting for Guardians of

Pixel Scroll 5/12/18 Don’t Pixel Under The Kitten-Tree With Anyscroll Else But Me
PLUG PULLED ON GAMING CON. The Dark Carnival Games convention in Denver was shut down by the hotel this weekend. Violence between some people on the premises seems to have been the cause – for example, see this video

Deutscher Phantastik Preis 2018 Shortlist
The Deutscher Phantastik Preis 2018 shortlist has been posted. The award honors speculative fiction published for the first time in German language during the previous year. The winners will be picked by a public vote. Voting on the shortlist continues

Premios Kelvin 505 – 2018 Finalists
Spain’s Festival Celsius 232 committee has revealed the 2018 finalists for its Premios Kelvin 505. Mejor novela original en castellano publicada por primera vez en España / Best original novel in Spanish published for the first time in Spain Arañas

Mighty Marvel Roundup, Part 1
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Marvel’s character rights Lots of videos follow the jump. Why Professor X is really the villain of the X-Men universe MCU mysteries that need answers 10 moments of ridiculously smart foreshadowing in the MCU MCU plot

Pixel Scroll 5/11/18 The Seventh Sealion
SHELDON AND AMY. Some say it’s a bigger wedding than the one coming up across the pond: Yahoo! Entertainment has video — “‘The Big Bang Theory’ wedding gives Mark Hamill the feels”. Wil Wheaton was originally going to officiate

Speaking of Gilbert & Sullivan & Science Fiction…
By Daniel P. Dern: At Boskone 55 back in February, I had the pleasure of being on the “Fantasy in Gilbert & Sullivan” panel moderated by Faye Ringel, aong with Ellen Asher, Greer Gilman, and Timothy Liebe, where we discussed,

Connor Cochran Bankruptcy Update
U.S. Bankruptcy Court has granted the trustee’s motion to convert the Avicenna and Conlan Press bankruptcies from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7, a liquidating bankruptcy. The orders were entered April 30. Peter S. Beagle sued his former manager Connor Cochran

Cats Sleep on SFF: Old Fanzines
Steven Johnson remembers: Our late Triska, as he (apparently) pondered the cover of Maneki-neko, February 11th, 2011. Thanks for running the Cats Sleep series, which inspired me to look around for some misplaced jpgs, including this one. Photos of other

Pixel Scroll 5/10/18 Send Pixels, Scrolls and Money
CHECK YOUR CLOSET. IndieWire, in “Robert Downey, Jr.’s Original ‘Iron Man’ Suit Stolen, Valued at $325,000”, says the LAPD is reporting that someone stole Robert Downey’s Iron Man costume from a Pacoima warehouse between February and April, although the

Replica Roundup
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Millennium Falcon cockpit replica Star Trek set Shatner on set

Bob Eggleton Announcement
Artist Bob Eggleton asked to have his statement posted: I’m taking a major step back from SF fandom. I’ll still do covers for my favorite people, here and there and will be around, just have to step back from some

2017 Shirley Jackson Award Nominees
The shortlists for the 2017 Shirley Jackson Awards have been announced. The Shirley Jackson Awards are given for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic. They are voted upon by a jury of professional

Pixel Scroll 5/9/18 They Had Many Books For Their Kindles And Nooks And Hardcovers Kept In A Pile
AWARD REVOKED. While I haven’t located any related protests in social media that would explain the decision, evidently the Romance Writers of America received enough complaints after making their award to the Washington Romance Writers to change their minds:

Australian Shadows Awards 2017 Finalists
On May 9 the Australasian Horror Writers Association announced the shortlists for the Australian Shadows Awards 2017. The juried award is given in seven categories for work by an Australasian author that has horror/dark fiction content either as a focal

2018 Anthony Awards Nominees
Bouchercon has posted the 2018 Anthony Awards shortlist. The award for crime fiction will be presented at the convention on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Nominees for the 2018 Anthony Awards are: BEST NOVEL The Late Show by Michael Connelly Magpie

2018 Scribe Award Nominees
The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers announced 2018 Scribe Award nominees on April 27. The IAMTW’s Scribe Awards honor licensed works that tie in with other media such as television, movies, gaming, or comic books. The Scribe Award winners

Pixel Scroll 5/8/18 Alas, Dear Scrollick, I Knew Him, Horatio. A Fileow Of Tsundoku Unaddressed
LEVAR BURTON. The “LeVar Burton Reads” Bay Area tour stop features in “LIVE! in San Francisco: ‘As Good as New’ by Charlie Jane Anders”. A young woman unexpectedly finds herself with the fate of the world in her hands. Recorded

Ed Kramer Fights “Sexually Dangerous Predator” Label
Last December the state of Georgia’s Sexual Offender Registration Review Board (SORRB) designated Dragon Con co-founder Ed Kramer a “sexually dangerous predator,” the ranking with the highest perceived risk for recidivism. Georgia law requires “SDPs” to be monitored by GPS

Worldcon 76 Hugo Base Designers
2018 HUGO BASE. Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca are collaborating to create the 2018 Hugo Award base. Each artist individually has created a past Hugo base. Villafranca produced the iconic 2013 LoneStarCon 2 Hugo base. (And he designed the new

Pixel Scroll 5/7/18 The File And The Pixel-Scroll Went To Space In A Runcible Manxome File
LUKE CAGE CONTINUES. From Netflix, “Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 2 Official Trailer.” After clearing his name, Luke Cage has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem with a reputation as bulletproof as his skin. But being so

Bisexual Book Awards 2017 Finalists
The Bi Writers Association (BWA) released the Bisexual Book Awards 2017 finalists on May 3. Each one of our nine book categories had a team of judges who carefully read, assessed, critiqued and discussed every book before voting on their

Spectrum 25 Awards Recipients
The Spectrum 25 Awards were presented at a ceremony in Los Angeles on May 5. The ceremony was held in the historic Brookledge Theater and presided over by Spectrum’s Director and publisher, John Fleskes. Presenters included such luminaries of the

Prix Aurora/Boréal 2018 Winners
The Prix Aurora/Boréal 2018 were presented this weekend at Congrès Boréal 2018 in Montreal, in Canada. Prix Aurora/Boréal – Meilleur roman (Best novel) Georges, Karoline: De synthèse (Alto) Prix Aurora-Boréal – Meilleure nouvelle en français (Best short story in French)

Corflu 35 Report
By Taral Wayne: We live in an on-line world in which Corflu is no longer entirely for the enjoyment of a couple of score fans who have the means to travel. Now everyone can watch the proceedings live as they

2018 Munsey Award Nominees
The PulpFest Organizing Committee has announced the fifteen 2018 Munsey Award nominees. Named for Frank A. Munsey, publisher of the first pulp magazine, the award recognizes someone who has contributed to the

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