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Once Upon a Time Comic Con Trailer

We've seen all the superhero trailers; how about some fabled heroes for a change?

Top 10 Once Upon a Time Villains

Surprising to find a television show that has so many villains, a Top Ten list is needed to keep them all straight!

TV Review: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time returns, this time with more and better evil.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time Heroes and Villains

Once upon a time there is Once Upon A Time

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Smash the Mirror

The episode entitled Smash the Mirror finally saw the Snowqueen truly step up and show her evil

Post Populares de Septiembre

A summary for our spanish speaking friends of our most popular items from September

I Can’t Wait for Once Upon a Time Season 4

Frozen is coming to Once Upon a Time. Get excited.

Review: The 100

I look at the new CW show, The 100.

Once Upon a Time Has Gone Wicked

A look at #Wickediscoming on Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time Winter Finale

Once Upon A Time's season finale - and a sneak peak at season 4.

Once Upon a Time in Wonder(ful)land

I've really enjoyed the series "Once Upon a Time" which has managed to intertwine several classic fairy tales into one big story and bring them into the modern day. Now the spin off series, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" has hit screens and is very different to its sister show. There is a brief connection with Knave of Hearts in Storybrook with the White Rabbit before he heads back to Wonderland but that is the only connection we get to see in the first episode.

Good News for Sci-Fi TV fans

If you are excited about the season finales that take place on many sci-fi TV shows over the next week or so, but are...

Are Vampires So 2012?

Vampires have been the top of popular sci-fi culture with the masses for quite a few years now, but are people starting to get...

Are Modern Twists on Classics the Future?

As with every hit TV show there becomes a trend of similar shows appearing on our screens. And fairy tales set in the modern...

A Big Money Cast Doesn’t Always Make For A Hit

You'd think that fronting a new TV show with a well known cast would equal a hit. Especially in the sci-fi sector. There are...