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If you are excited about the season finales that take place on many sci-fi TV shows over the next week or so, but are also sad that it might be the last time you ever see them on your screen, then fear not as with only a week to go, many of the networks have revealed which shows they are renewing and cancelling, and pretty much every sci-fi show is safe (not all programmes have been confirmed as yet).

So if you love The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, Beauty and the Beast or Revolution, you can expect to see them again in September 2013. I have to say I am pleased by all of these shows, except Supernatural. I stopped watching after the fifth season, the one that the show had been building up to, and due to a new following the network decided to renew the show…I didn’t really see how you could continue a show when it was supposed to end with the two brothers have to fight and only one can live. What it resulted in was the most anti-climax ending after such an epic build up. Vampire Diaries has managed to get a little darker towards the end of this season so managed to retain my interest slightly, but Arrow is the new kid on the block and at the moment is my absolute favourite. It has certainly filled the void that Smallville left.

A long time to wait till our shows return, but at least we have True Blood to fill the time, which will hopefully be followed by the third season for American Horror Story.

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