Are Vampires So 2012?


Vampires have been the top of popular sci-fi culture with the masses for quite a few years now, but are people starting to get bored of them? Moonlight was the first on the scene with the vampire PI, which was quickly cancelled, sadly being several months ahead of the vampire trend. Then True Blood and Twilight came along and the world went crazy. Other shows followed like Vampire Diaries, which then lead to general fantasy and sci-fi taking a step forward in the TV charts. However, in the last couple of years we have seen a switch from blood sucking beasts in the real world to more fantasy, with the likes of Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones. It seems the latest trend is focusing on a land that time forgot.

Although not set in real worlds, both of these shows appear to be set in the past (although Once Upon a Time crosses with present day in a fictional city. Other shows with a bit of history still remain popular, like Mad Men (and I’ve recently watched my way through The Tudors boxset) and The Vampire Diaries is even getting a spin off make over but taking its story back in history to focus on The Originals.

Other than The Originals, there are no other new vampire shows (and this one isn’t exactly new) in the pipeline. True Blood is due back on our screens in June and I have to say I’m not as excited about it as I usually am. In fact, I’m not sure others are as well. This is usually the time when my Twitter feed is bombarded with #WaitingSucks statements, and I’ve haven’t seen any yet. I’ve only seen one promo trailer as well, so has HBO stepped down its marketing campaign for the show. It seems, or perhaps a coincidence, that The Twilight Saga (although aimed at a younger audience than True Blood) was the glue that held this popularity together.

Perhaps now vampires will be fade from the small screen and continue under the radar through movies. I was always a fan of John Carpenter’s Vampires and Dracula 2000. Perhaps we’ll see something similar on our screens soon?

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  1. Are vampires so 2012?

    LOL. Nonsense!

    Vampires are so 1968!

    Christopher Lee ruled the movies as Dracula AND

    Barnabas Collins ruled television and became the very first sympathetic, (anti-) heroic vampire, EVER.

  2. First tv vampire detective was Rick Springfield in Nick Night. Few years later, Canadians tried again w super popular Forever Knight syndicated show.

    Sadly, the only film incarnation of the truly first vampire detective, Hannibal King, was in Blade 3.

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