Once Upon a Time Has Gone Wicked

wickediscomingWell they were saying #Wickediscoming and it finally did. Once Upon a Time finally returned after a long mid-season break. And boy did it return with a bang. We last saw Emma and Henry one year on from saying farewell to their family and their memories, only for Hook to show up and try to remind Emma of her past with a kiss. Now we get to find out a little more (NOTE—don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers). She is dating a guy with a scar on his neck. He proposes after eight months but something is holding her back. Luckily, she gets her memory back and says no only to find out he is actually a flying monkey. So, as much as she thought she was safe, she never was.

All we know from Hook is that Storybrooke is back and so are Emma’s family. There is a new curse but they don’t know who did it. We see the rest of the gang back in the enchanted world for most of the returning episode until Emma reaches them in Storybrooke. They know who she is but feel like no time has passed since they said goodbye to Emma. Their only evidence that time actually passed is that Snow White is heavily pregnant! But lucky for us viewers, we get to see who is possibly involved with the curse. With Regina sitting on the fence of good and evil (with her feet hanging over the good side) it was time another evil person arrived on the show. And here we have the green witch from the Wizard of Oz. With a brilliant quote of “The queen might be evil, but I am wicked. And wicked always wins.”

I can’t wait to see where this goes next!

Image source: Facebook/OnceUponaTime

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