TV Review: Once Upon a Time Heroes and Villains

Once Upon a Time Heroes and Villains

I heard the news before I saw this week’s episode that it was the end of the Frozen stint on Once Upon a Time and was a little bit sad. I’ve really enjoyed this series of the show and thought the casting for the Frozen princesses was spot on. But, the more important news of this week’s episode, Heroes and Villains was the introduction of three new villains *SPOILER ALERT*: Maleficent, Cruella De Veville and Ursula. For those that aren’t familiar with these classic Disney characters, they are from Sleeping Beauty (and the character titled Maleficent from last year starring Angelina Jolie, which the new Maleficent is clearly styled on and The Little Mermaid.

First off, Maleficent is played by the amazing Kristin Bauer van Straten, aka Pam De Beaufort from True Blood – amazing! Secondlly, Cruella Deville has a dodgy English accent, not sure about her. Thirdly, Ursulla, not sure on the costume, but does this mean that Ariel will be coming back, along with Prince Eric. AND will we get to see her father Neptune? Fourthly, Robin Hood left with Marion?! Regina seems really set on staying good, when will her luck change?

I am seriously loving how this show is exploring more and more of the Disney world. It started with just classic fairytales, but it is really bringing those characters we loved growing up as well as modern day classics. My bet on the next character to make an appearance is Merida from Brave. Of course the obvious choice would be Karen Gillian, she is a red head and Scottish, but I quite like that these princesses of recent times have been played by relatively unknown actors, but have spot on looks and acting style. I’d like them to stick with that route. Look at Amy Adams in Enchanted, she played the cartoon to real-life princess so well this is where Disney needs to focus its energy, letting us feel that these actors have literally taken the animated princess and turned her into a real princess.

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