Once Upon a Time in Wonder(ful)land

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

I’ve really enjoyed the series “Once Upon a Time” which has managed to intertwine several classic fairy tales into one big story and bring them into the modern day. Now the spin off series, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” has hit screens and is very different to its sister show. There is a brief connection with Knave of Hearts in Storybrook with the White Rabbit before he heads back to Wonderland but that is the only connection we get to see in the first episode.

The opening episode follows Alice who’s father has locked her up thinking she is mad. Knave and the rabbit rescue her to help her find her love, the genie Cyrus. It’s not the Alice in Wonderland story I was expecting, but does have the Snow/Prince Charming element which works so well in “Once Upon a Time.”

Emma Rigby, former Hollyoaks star (a British soap opera) plays the red queen, and pouts her evil way through the first episode. She is a great actress, playing some real drama in Hollyoaks so its great to see her in this role (well its always great to see British stars making it in the US).

So far, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen, and I feel that we’ve only seen one tiny corner of the rabbit hole. I can’t wait to see what is next for this show. As for “Once Upon a Time,” it’s off in Neverland at the moment. I’m missing the Storybrook element with the rest of the cast, but am hoping it gets back there soon.

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