Once Upon a Time Winter Finale

once-upon-a-time-winter-finale-2013-hookWhat a way to end the 2013 leg of season three! Once Upon a Time has been one of my favourite shows but I really haven’t enjoyed the Neverland part of this series. I’ve been feeling that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has been stronger, but the original series brought me back with a bang. If you haven’t seen the latest episode yet then don’t read on.

While the people of Storybrooke desperately try to get Henry back into his body that Peter Pan stole, Peter is busy setting another curse on Storybrooke. As time runs out Gold decides to step up and be the brave man for his son and grandson and destroy his father, and himself in the making. But that isn’t the end. The curse is still coming and Regina is the only one that can stop it. But she has to make a sacrifice. Not just her, but Charming and Snow White as well. They have to say bye to Emma and Henry who need to leave Storybrooke while the others head back to their original life. Emma and Henry will sadly also lose their memories of that life—but they will be together and have memories that they have always been together.

The episode ends one year later. Emma and Henry are living in New York and Hook arrives to ask for Emma’s help to save her family—the family she doesn’t know she has. He tries to kiss her, thinking it will bring back her memory but no luck. She then closes the door on him and we are now left waiting to see what happens in 2014.

I think this was a great end to the winter season. The show was at a risk, like many US TV shows (think Lost and Heroes) of dragging out a story that should have been done in a couple of series. Now it feels like they are essentially starting again, but we already know the characters. I really can’t wait to see where we go from here. Well not that we have to wait to find out where it is going because a trailer for the next stage of the season has already been revealed. And with Regina turning good, Once Upon a Time is in need of a new villain….of the green skinned variety.

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