Local paper picks up on TV show

Picking up on the Entertainment Weekly & Hollywood Reporter coverage of Bryan Fuller’s announced production duties for the NBC/Universal show Amazing Stories, one of my local papers, the Concord Monitor, interviewed me by phone the other day and published the following in their November 6th edition –


(Note:  those posters and 45 others are available for purchase on the website…)

They even included a picture of Bo the Wonder Dog –


(the photographer they sent out has a daschsund who is also a wonder dog.  Bo is so steeped in science fiction that he barks at Klingons whenever they open their mouths on TV….)

A couple of years ago, when this whole Amazing thing started, Clay Wirestone (weekend editor) sent a reporter out to interview me.  We’d hooked up after I’d heard him talking on NPR about science fiction fandom. Interestingly enough, the reporter for the current piece – David Brooks – does a bit of Wikipedia editing, including the Amazing Stories page (we exchanged some notes over a few issues with that entry).  Unrelatedly, Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord has a well-curated SF&F section and frequently hosts authors for evening readings & signings;  past guests have included Cory Doctorow, John Scalzi and Terry Brooks, and Manchester even has it’s very own chapter of the Arkham Horror Book Club.  Marko Kloos (who recently turned down a Hugo nomination for Best Novel over puppy-stuff), as well as James MacDonald, Debra Doyle and several other authors and artists live there.

Concord and its paper, the Monitor, not to mention other parts of NH are apparently very SF-friendly.  Something I did not know when I moved to New Hampshire.

So far as the show on NBC/Universal and my hopes for it:  I’d like to encourage fans of all kinds to give it a chance.  We’ll all have to make our own individual assessments of its quality and suitability when it airs (and we think it will make it past the pilot stage), but until we’ve got something to look at, lets give it the best possible chance we can by being positive about it!

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