Are Modern Twists on Classics the Future?

once upon a time

As with every hit TV show there becomes a trend of similar shows appearing on our screens. And fairy tales set in the modern world seem the latest trend. Last year we welcomed Grimm and Once Upon a Time. I only got round to watching the first episode of Grimm, but as often with a new season it was a show that I bumped to the ‘to watch at some point’ pile while I focused on the rest that I enjoyed far more. Once Upon a Time follows a cast of classic fairy tale characters lead by Snow White. Snow and her cast of many are trapped in the modern human world in a town called Storybrooke by her evil step-mother where none of them know who they are. Snow and her husband sent their daughter to a safe place before the curse and the show starts where they are stuck in time until their daughter turns 28 and will come back to rescue them. The show is currently in its second season and seems to be doing well.

We are currently on the first season of the remake of the 80s hot show Beauty and the Beast. This show stars Smallville star Kristen Kreuk and Aussie Jay Ryan as the beast. She is a cop and he is a doctor/solider who after a military experiment gone wrong, turns into a beast. Whilst the military try to cover this up by destroying all of the beasts he manages to survive and lives in hiding. However, he has a thirst for helping people as well as the beautiful Catherine Chandler (Kreuk) who he saved many years ago. Again, this show has been doing really well on the CW network and continues to engage with new audiences worldwide.

Now a new show set to hit our screens is Gothika. Not to be confused with the Halle Berry film this show includes characters such as Dorian Grey, Frankenstein and a Van Helsing. The show has already got a lot of people talking about it and that’s just around its cast – Chris Egan (Dorian Grey), Tom Ellis (Victor Frankenstein) and Janet Montgomery (Grace Van Helsing). The show follows Grace who works for her family’s newspaper, Dorian Grey is a wealthy investor in the paper and Frankenstein runs a hospital and was once romantically linked to Grace.

Often when show like this get a lot of hype around them they often deliver. Here’s hoping this show doesn’t disappoint.


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  1. Hollywood's "holy grail" is to create a franchise which provides the maximum return on the initial budget. Hollywood is also risk-averse, so they've got a tendency to recycle known properties and redo concepts that have worked in the past.

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