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Nostalgia Tripping

Steve travels back to his roots,

The Clubhouse; Fanzine Reviews: “The Reader as Masochist.”

"Personally, as a reader, I don’t much like being obviously experimented upon."

The Clubhouse; Fanzine Reviews

A review and commentary on Richard E. Geis' SF Review

The Apollo 1 Fire: Astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee

Astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee were American heroes destined to go to the Moon. Unfortunately, neither of them made it.

I Dreamed of a Science Fiction Future Bright and Shiny

A guest post on the wonder of living in a science fiction world.

Review: Bandersnatch, by Diana Pavlac Glyer

A review of the 'sequel' to The Company They Keep, the Inklings and creative collaboration.

Watching Bowie Change the World

David Bowie had impact far beyond Space Oddity.

The Apollo 1 Fire: Astronaut Gus Grissom

NASA’s “Failure is not an option” started after the Apollo 1 fire. Too late for Gus Grissom.

David G. Hartwell 1941 – 2016

Some thoughts on the passing of David G. Hartwell

Today is Martin Luther King Day

It's MLK Day

Magic at Christmas

whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, or Atheist -- I hope you will not take it amiss that I wish you all a little bit of magic in your homes at this time and throughout the coming year

Falcon 9 Lands the Way a Spaceship Should

Spaceships landing the way they should! Welcome to the science fiction future.

Fannish Survey

Learn a little something about fandom, fanhistory and yourself with this fun survey of fannish knowledge.

Gernsback in Life Magazine

Paul Di Filippo uncovers Life's Barnum of the Space Age

How to Create a Top 100 List for Science Fiction Literature

One suggestion for a better way to come up with "Top 100" lists of science fiction.

The Clubhouse; Fanzine Reviews

A take on Tolkein, a bit of Ellison and Hannes Bok illos!

Hugo Gernsback’s Patents

I happened upon a resource that made it fairly easy to gather up a bunch (perhaps all) of the registration numbers for Hugo Gernsback's...

Décès d’Ayerdahl

Marc Soulier, french SF author of Rainbow Warriors and space opera, dead at 56

As if there aren’t enough hurdles to productive creativity…

Change. Sometimes you can't even paint your way through it.

He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother

Astronomer's discover our 'solar sibling', a star born at the same time, and out of the same nebula, as our own.

The Clubhouse; Fanzine Reviews:

Today we reveal "The Fannish Charter of Egoboo"

Review: Gideon Smith and the Mask of the Ripper by...

Gideon Smith, Aloysius Bent, Rowena Fanshaw, Bell of the Airways and Maria the Mechanical Girl are back, and boy have they got their hands full!

Answer the Question: Yes or No?

Trek fandom was rejected by Trufandom. It must be true, I read it on the internet.

1941 Retro Hugo Awards: Supplement: Reviews of ALL 1940...

Jamie Todd Rubin takes a side trip during his Vacation in the Golden Age

The 1941 Retro Hugo Awards (Part 5 – Dramatic Presentation Short...

All of our 1941 Retro Hugo Award posts are indexed on one page for easy access. In 1940 there was NO television. Note. This doesn't...

I’m a Big F

Steve is a big F too!

Review: Boarding the Enterprise

Numerous authors related the impact that Star Trek had on the science fiction genre - and themselves - on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

The 1941 Retro Hugo Awards (Part 3 The Cover Artists)

Ooooo - science fiction pulp cover art! The cover artists of 1940!

The 1941 Retro Hugo Awards Supplement: Author List

A list of eligible authors.

1941 Retro Hugo Awards – Supplement: Magazine Cover Gallery

All the magazine covers from 1940.