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Dear Self-published authors, it’s your turn to listen up
Fan Fotos
The Conjuring (2013)
Alternate History on the Small Screen
Open Source Horror: The Slender Man
When Science Fiction is Not Science Fiction
The Club House
Getting the Most Out of a Convention
An Interview with Kevin R. Grazier, Science Consultant for GRAVITY
Make Your Openings Count
Scide Splitters: Unidentified Funny Objects 2 edited by Alex Shvartsman
Octavia Butler, o el peso de la diferencia
Epic Fantasy Analysis September 27, 2013
Classic Science Fiction: The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
De Cómo Evitar al Protagonista Superpoderoso: Mistborn de Brandon Sanderson
There’s Something About Night Vale
Bad Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
Superhero Films by the Numbers
Characters: Clare of Claymore
Science on Stage vs. Science Fiction Theatre
Book Review: Transcendental by James Gunn
One Hell Of A Story: A Review of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity
Marketing 101: Strategies for Growing your Email List
Witches and Fish
Novedades de Septiembre en Latinoamérica
Video Game Review: Ascend: Hand of Kul
Les Revues de Science Fiction en France
Ooky Spooky Animanga Part III: The Titilating Terror of Junji Ito
What the %&*# is Perry Rhodan?
Recap: “Bitchcraft,” American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 1
Hacia los Confines de la Imaginación
Dear Publishers, listen to authors and put reader’s first
No. 22 – 2013 October – Elizabeth Moon, Military Science Fiction, and Female Leads
Women in Armour vs. Chicks in Chain-mail
AMAZING News 10/06/13
Top Post de las Últimas Semanas de Septiembre
World Building: To Market, To Market
The Amazing Virgil Finlay
The Artful Collector: Art Hierarchies #1: Arts are Better than Crafts
Marketing 101: Email Lists Management Software
Book Review: Sever, Slice, and Stab by Ty Johnston
Falling Skies: Why the Invasion Matters (A Writer Perspective)
Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part 3)

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