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War Stories Anthology Kickstarter Begins Monday
Ford Street New Releases
Blackshaw Theatre’s ‘An Audience with the Ghost Finder’
Start Publishing News


Nebula Award Winning Eugie Foster Needs A Bit Of Help
The Roots of Black Science Fiction
Working For A White Family
More Education, Less Magical Thinking Would Have Rendered This Carrie Promo STUPID
Women In SF Negative Feed back Cycle
Yeah, But If You Weren’t Getting A Paycheck, Would You Be Defending It?  Ford on Ender Boycott
Museum Director Garcia On Halls of Shame Fame


Interview With Amazing Stories’ Publisher
THOR: The Dark World Trailer (Video)
SLAN For Sale!
NEW Tangent Online OTR (Radio Plays)
I, Frankenstein Trailer (Video)
Star Trek TNG Bridge Restoration
Thrilling Pulp Hero Thrills!
Gravity Fails (Thank goodness!  Otherwise I might have had a fast and fiery encounter with Earth)
Lucas Was Working On Sequels Before Disney Buyout.  And Greedo Shot First…
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Michael Burstein To Headline STC Diamond Jubilee 10/16
ConQuest Dates SET!
$150 Book Bundle For ONLY $20!


Micheal J. Sullivan On List of Bestseller Success Stories – Indie – to Traditional
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New Southeast Asian Science Fiction Journal
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NSS 2013 Space Poetry Contest Winners
Lois McMaster Bujold Wins Forry Award
One Of Our Own Wins A Canadian Faned Award
Tanya Huff Gets An Award AND Cash!
Aleksis Kevi Fund Award Goes To
WSFS Announces 2013 Small Press Awards


roach1Visions of Mars Contents of a disc of Story, Recordings and Art Sent to Mars Aboard the Phoenix Lander
Science Education Through Science Fiction (‘Bout time our schools started teaching something important!…and Useful)
Remote Control Roaches:  Should We Be Encouraging Our Kids To Go All Dr. Moreau On Bugs In the Name of Science?
T-Shirt Design Fools Facial Recognition Systems
…Oh I’m gonna fade away…Gimme Shelter
Scott Carpenter Passes – Listen To Carpenter’s Aurora 7 Flight


It’s official: War Stories will be launching on Kickstarter at 1200 hrs Eastern Time on Monday, -October 14th.

War has been speculated about in science fiction literature from the earliest days of the genre. From George Tomkyns Chesney’s The Battle of Dorking and H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds & War In the Air to Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers to Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet Series and Dan Abnett’s Embedded, science fiction literature has long had something to say about war in its. Now, it’s time to tell some new stories. War Stories is an anthology coming from Apex Publications that looks to the modern state and the future of war through the words of some of the best short fiction authors writing today.

Our cover art is by the fantastic, Hugo Award winning artist Galen Dara, who’s worked for such places as Fireside Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Geek Love and Apex’s own Glitter and Mayhem anthology.

Our authors include original and reprint fiction from:

Joe Haldeman

Keith Brooke

Jake Kerr

Yoon Ha Lee

Ken Liu

T.C. McCarthy’s

Linda Nagata

Mike Sizemore

Janine Spendlove

James L. Sutter

…and more to be announced soon!

 Set your calendars accordingly and get ready for action.

 We’ll have a link to the Kickstarter at noon on Monday, and on our website,
We have some great new releases for young and middle readers!

Monster School by DC Green

PT, the Swamp Boy, is terrified. During his first class at Monster School, mafia goblins threaten to murder him. He is saved … by the meanest monsters in school –
• A vampire with attitude!
• A socially-challenged zombie!
• A giant spider called Bruce!
Now PT is really sweating. If the Dead Gang learns his secret, he’ll spin on a kebab stick before recess. Imagine what will happen if the dragon finds out!

ISBN: 9781925000078
Publication date: October 2013
Format: B format paperback
Price: AUD$18.95
Category: Fantasy
Age guide: 10+

  • ‘A wild, wise-cracking ride. I loved it.’ – Ian Irvine.
  • ‘A rollicking read, filled with snappy dialogue.’ – Jenny Mounfield,
  • ‘I fell in love with the wonderful cast of monster characters. This is one book I wish I’d written … a classic.’ – Robyn Parnell, Goodreads.
  • ‘Fast moving, exciting and drops information at just the right rate… Altogether, great fun, with the usual DCG mix of big-hearted weirdness.’ – Sally Odgers.
  • ‘Jam-packed with action and adventure… From the first to the last page you’ll be hooked in and barracking for PT and the Dead Gang.’ – Matt Porter, Goodreads.

DC Green

About the Author

Surf journalist DC Green has won multiple big awards, had thousands of articles published in over forty countries and roamed the world’s greatest surf spots with the likes of eleven-times world champion Kelly Slater. Children’s author DC Green has won two very small awards, had five children’s novels published in one country and Kelly Slater no longer returns his calls. DC doesn’t mind. He loves motivating even the most reluctant of readers and writers. His school shows, that have toured through every Australian state, have been acclaimed as ‘bizarre, egotistical, enthralling, funny and not to be missed’, while DC’s humorous fantasy Erasmus James series has been hailed ‘the finest written in the history of English literature about mutants chooks and ninja horses’.

Key selling points:

  • Monster School is high-paced adventure with action, fights and fun – from page one!
  • It’s Lord of the Rings in an overcrowded city
  • Laugh-out-loud, character-driven humour
  • The Pokemon of monsters – EVERY known monster type lives in the City of Monsters
  • This book/series won two awards, even before publication
  • Amazing covers AND internal art by The World of Grrym illustrator, Danny Willis
  • Local author willing to promote through signings,interviews, blogs, pretty much anything legal
  • Bookmarks, posters and stickers available (while stocks last)

Welcome Home by Christina Booth

Welcome Home is the story of a young boy and a whale as she swims into the river harbour seeking safety and a resolution to the violent past relationship between whales and man. This prosaic journey, accompanied with soft sketchy watercolour images, reveals how the past can impact our future. Can the boy make amends for the past? Can the whale forgive and return to what was once her ancestor’s home? Whaling is a horrific image to portray in any literature yet this story offers its history and consequences to children and adults in a gentle, safe way. This story does not avoid the facts but ends with hope and reconciliation, using history to show the consequences of our actions and choices.

ISBN: 9781925000092 PB 9781925000085 HC
Publication date:1 Oct 2013 HC, 1 Feb 2014 PB
Extent: 32 pages
Format: Portrait picture book
Price: AUD$26.95 HC AUD $16.95 PB
Category: Fiction
Age guide: 7+


 ChristinaBoothAbout the AuthorChristina Booth is an award winning Australian children’s author/illustrator. Four of her picture books have gained CBCAs Notable Children’s Book Awards. Her picture book, Kip, the story of a crowing rooster living in the city, was awarded a CBCA Honour Book in 2010. Two of Christina’s illustrated books (In The Deep Red Desert, Angie Lionetto- Civa; The Carrum Sailing Club, Claire Saxby), were selected to be read on ABC’s Playschool program in 2012.

Key selling points:

  • How do you teach and show the effects of whaling to children? Through a story.
  • Welcome home is a gentle and safe introduction to the history of whaling and how it put whales at the risk of extinction.
  • An important message without preaching for all ages to consider.
  • A wonderful classroom book or a treasure for the family bookshelf.
  • Includes information pages at the conclusion of the story to assist in explaining about Southern Right Whales and whaling around Southern Australia
  • To complement the story, the last two pages of the book are filled with information about Southern Right Whales, a brief history of whaling and the event that inspired the story.


The BeckoningThe-Only-Game-in-the-Galaxy-450



Paul Collins’s adult horror novel has hit #8 on Amazon’s psychic thriller page — just seven behind Stephen King’s latest novel, and number 30 on their occult suspense page. A review can be read at Goodreads. Paul’s young adult novel, The Only Game in the Galaxy, book #3 in The Maximus Black Files, is #97 on their spies page.


Check out Creative Net, our speakers’ agency. We represent over 100 authors and illustrators. We don’t charge a booking fee!

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Blackshaw Theatre’s ‘An Audience with the Ghost Finder’ is returning for three nights from 22nd to 24th October, 2013 at The Etcetera Theatre, Camden as part of the London Horror Festival. Originally performed at the Wandsworth Arts Festival, M.J.Starling’s play received rave reviews. Described as Sherlock Holmes meets Ghostbusters, this is an original tale of William Hope Hodgson’s classic character, Carnacki the Ghost Finder.

An Audience with the Ghost Finder by M.J.Starling
22 – 24 October 2013, 9.30pm
Blackshaw Theatre at The Etcetera Theatre, 265 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7BU, UK
Tickets price £12 (concessions £10)
Boxoffice: 020 7482 4857

Tickets available on-line at:

“A theatrical gem” – Public Reviews

“great fun…pitched perfectly” – Stage to Page

“silly and fast-paced…at times, even rather creepy” – A Younger Theatre

Further information is available on line at  but please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information.



OCTOBER • 10TH • 2013

On October 27th, Pump Six
by Paolo Bacigalupi
will be will be the Sci-Fi
Kindle Daily Deal for $1.99

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All 
by Laird Barron
Now on Sale for $1.99 at Amazon

(deal expires October 31st)

Neal Asher

Q. Out of all of your books, which book (or series) is your most favorite?

A. Difficult call since I have many favorites for different reason. Of my past books they would be The Skinner and Brass Man, of the three coming out it’s The Departure, but now of course, my favorite is what I’m now working on.

Q. What is your inspiration behind the Owner Series?

A. I wanted to try something different from my usual Polity stories and, just like my Spatterjay series, found inspiration from a few of my previous short stories. These appeared in my collection The Engineer and its second version The Engineer ReConditioned and are Proctors, The Owner and Tiger Tiger.

Read more

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the Fight to Find a Cure

Words from Jarred

This month was a great month for Night Shade Books. We secured a deal of the month with Amazon for Laid Barron’s The Beautiful Thing That Await Us all. This is just one of the many marketing efforts Anjelica Jones is securing for our authors. Our Halloween contest has received an overwhelming amount of submissions.Start Publishing’s Meghan Kilduff is actively acquiring Night Shade titles for next year. I encourage everyone to reach out to her with new submissions. We look forward to next year’s releases.

Jarred Weisfeld

Multiple award-winning editor Ellen Datlow knows the darkest corners of fiction and poetry better than most. 

Read the rest of the review of
The Best Horror of the Year

Issue No.
Start Publishing
609 Greenwich St 6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

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