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The Perry Rhodan 50th Anniversary World convention, 2011, photographed by Roger Murmann

Roger Murmann is  German fan – a Vice President of the German Science Fiction Society, a con-goer and photographer.  He’s covered the 2011 50th Anniversary con for Perry Rhodan and, given today’s question about just exactly who is Perry, I thought it might be nice to dig a little deeper into that question by featuring some of Roger’s photos from that convention in 2011.


The stage and screen for what I presume to be the opening ceremonies.  Pretty cool and impressive!


Fans filing in for registration. Hmmm.  German fans look just like us!


Another promotional banner.  Perry Rhodan’s publisher seems to have gone all-out!


An interview session on the main stage.


How do you say “kaffeeklatsch” in Deutsche?


A portion of the artshow.  (No pegboard!)

6200246528_1e3592eb56 The main entrance, all gussied up with life-size character props and all!


Impressive model work on display.


More model work.  No, it is not made of Legos.


Dealers and fans.  Could be taking place anywhere in the world!

Looks like most of us would fit right in and not even have to worry about the language barrier.  The cultural barrier though might be an issue;  after all, it’s Perry Rhodan, lol.

All photos are copyright and credited to Roger Murmann, who can be emailed at

Photographs (hundreds of them) devoted to conventions, fandom and related pursuits, can be found on Roger’s StarCadet Flickr page

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