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Reporte de Convención: Finncon 2019

A con report, all the way from Finland!

Guest Post: The 19th Annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention

Doug Ellis fills us in on the fantastic offerings this year's Windy City Pulp & Paper convention.


Attend Worldcon, get a free copy of Amazing Stories

MCM Comic Con Fall Edition

Where do Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Batman, Boba Fett, the Borg, and Captain Jack Sparrow hang out?

Hugo Award Ceremony Now Online

The 2015 Hugo Award Ceremony is now online.

ValleyCon 40

A con report on ValleyCon 40

The Artful Collector: IlluxCon 7 “The Prequel”

It seems like only yesterday (in fact, it WAS only yesterday) that I turned in the last of my postings on the 72nd Worldcon:...

Imaginarium stretches the Imagination!

Introducing a new kind of writer's conference!

Cons Going Bad, A Somewhat Part Two

Additional detail for evaluating the health of a new convention.

MCM London Comic Con Smashes Attendance Record

Terence turns in a terrific con report on MCM Comicon London - and lots of great costume pics as well!


Amazing Stories offers all convention members a free 1 year subscription!

Loncon 3 Announces Schedule For Release Of Hugo Award Finalists

Loncon 3 Announces Hugo Awards Finalists Schedule

SciFi4Me.com, Your Portal to the Science Fiction Multiverse

“Greetings! Welcome to SciFi4Me.com – where we talk science fiction, not wrestling. “ I ask you how can one not love a sci-fi based website...


Ricardo reports on Hispacon XXXI and the Premios Ignotus awards

When is a Convention Not a Convention? When It Is your...

R. Graeme Cameron suggests that the best way to attend a science fiction convention is to not treat it like a yard sale.

Pushing Fannish Buttons: Chi Fi vs The Westin River North...

Was the event cancelled because of problems with the hotel, or because Chi-Fi wasn't going to meet its contractual obligations with the hotel?


I'll be giving "panel" at Boskone 51 this February and would LOVE to hook up with any and all Amazing Stories people!

La cocina de la ciencia ficción

Susana reports on the International Meeting (for) Narrative Science Fiction, Fantasy and Black Series, an international convention.

IlluXcon Roundup: Interview with Iris Compiet

The story is about a little princess whose parents want her to marry a prince, but all the princes are just not very interesting to her, they are nice but there’s no spark... and that’s when she falls in love with another princess.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

Fotos de Fan: Fantastika 2013

Este post tenía que ser originalmente un recuento de todo lo ocurrido en el Swecon de este año, llamado Fantastika 2013

Sequential Wednesdays #21 – Small MICE, Huge Weekend

MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) is an annual event held in Somerville, MA showcasing the best in local comics creation. Free for all attendees and...

Afrocentric Science Fiction Conventions

Black Age of Comics Convention An artist, entrepreneur, author, art therapist, educator, and publisher, Turtel Onli founded the Black Arts Guild (BAG) in 1970, which was...

What Mecha Did For Me; Or, I’m An Anime Writer Because...

I was deep into Gundam Wing starting in middle school, and it was the catalyst for me to start taking drawing and writing very seriously.

Fan Fotos

The Perry Rhodan 50th Anniversary World convention, 2011, photographed by Roger Murmann

Fandomfest 2013: A Review

Fandomfest was missing the fest.

La Estrella Solitaria Saturday AM Edition

Read the day's happenings from the 71st Worldcon

La Estrella Solitaria Late Friday Edition

From LoneStarCon3: LSC3_ISSUE_05_FRI_LATE_PM

The Geek Test: What’s Your Score?

I believe people of all types should be able to join in geek events and have fun whether they're sufficiently geek credentialed or not, but I wondered how one might one go about quantitatively evaluating "geekiness"