I’ll be giving “panel” at Boskone 51 this February and would LOVE to hook up with any and all Amazing Stories people!

51logoYou know you’ve arrived as a contributing member of the fannish community when a convention taps you for some of their panels.

I’m pleased to announce that I, your humble, thumble-fingered publisher, has been accorded that honor and will be pontificating at the 51st Boskone, taking place this February 14-16 by the muddy waters of Boston Harbor at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

I’ve not yet been informed of the titles of the panel(s) I’ll be on display at:  I’ve requested subjects dealing with publishing (in our new era) and the classics;  it’s also a possibility that I’ll be doing a talk/presentation/discussion specifically devoted to Amazing Stories.

I’ve already discovered that at least one other contributor to Amazing Stories will be putting in an appearance, so perhaps this will represent a (limited) opportunity for contributors and members to get together – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVAH!

If you’re a contributor, a member or simply an occasional reader and will be in attendance at Boskone, why don’t you drop a note in the comments and we’ll figure out a time and place for (most) everyone to hook up?

In the meantime, Boskone is a Worldcon legacy, traditional science fiction convention:  plenty of authors, artists, editors and fans on hand and plenty of great scheduling (they’ve had half a century to polish) and a convention that I always enjoy attending.

For more information, click the logo to reach Boskone’s website.


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