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Wow! weirdness and light this week in the news: plastic army women, Einstein up-ended, bra makers made spacesuits and if that isn't weird enough, Cthulhu is picking a fight with Stephen King! Read on!

An Interview with Nat Segaloff, Author of A Lit Fuse

Interview with Nat Segaloff, the author of A Lit Fuse, a biography about Harlan Ellison.

Review: Conspiracy ed. by Judith K. Dial and Thomas A. Easton

Conspiracy - An Anthology of Original Science Fiction Stories from NESFA Press will have you rethinking what you know and doubting what you think you know.

Oh How Life Has Changed: Observations On Traveling To Cons Cheaply

Commentary on Beverly Bambury's The Cheapskate’s Guide to SF/F cons

Boskone: A Preliminary Con Report

A preliminary report on your publisher's attendance at Boskone 51.

This and That

My take on a few current events.

Boskone 51 Amazing Stories Panels

Amazing Stories' panel schedule for the up-coming Boskone 51!


I'll be giving "panel" at Boskone 51 this February and would LOVE to hook up with any and all Amazing Stories people!

Against the Boycott of Ender’s Game

When I returned to reading science fiction as adult I discovered a whole new generation of authors:Greg Bear, David Brin, William Gibson, Octavia E. Butler, and Orson Scott...

A Fan’s History – Conventions (Part 2)

This blog is not a fan history, although I will cite some fan history. There are actual fanhistorians who guard our culture. If you...

Amazing News January 25

Boskone 50 is fast approaching.  That is, the 50th Boskone.  Half a century of science fiction fannish goodness, all in one place for a...

Inoculate Against the Lurids: Language Is A Virus

I’m pleased to be participating at Amazing Stories by writing about pulps. But before jumping feet first into that discussion, it’s best to issue...