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Today – Space Cadet, a Canadian fanzine that can be found at the Canadian Fanzine Archive, a relatively new website meant to compliment with a regional bent.  (We all know Canada is the 51st state – it’s just that everyone there is smart enough to have gotten universal health care and somehow avoid the Federal income tax with no penalty.  Trend-setters they is!)

Space Cadet is published by R. Graeme Cameron who administers the CFA and also produces a variety of other ‘zines including The Fanatical Fanactivist and The Frenetic Fanac Review.  Mr. Cameron has been active in Canadian SF fandom for forty years, having won two Auroras for fan achievement, is a member of the boards of The BC SF Association, the West Coast Sf Association, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (which administer the Aurora Awards), the Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards (which he founded), and Vancouver’s annual VCON convention (founded 1971). He is an archivist for all five organizations as well.

Go look up Actifan – Canadian Variety.  You’ll find his picture there.

So here we go, off on another fanzine adventure!  Enjoy!

(Editor’s Note:  We are apparently experiencing some weird formatting in the blog-based PDF reader that is used to present these fanzines in situ.  Font changes, inexplicable bolding and similar formatting changes that are not present in the original publication are being introduced.  We are looking into correcting this issue.)


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