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Articles and posts about the business of publishing and how it affects SF, fantasy and horror.

Novedades de Julio

Tanya rounds up the Latino field with new books, magazines and happenings.


Jack Clemon's accounts of working on the Apollo, Skylab and Shuttle programs are now a new book!

SFWA Market Report For May – SFWA

openings and closings. Find out where to send your stories.

TIPS & TRICKS: Submitting to Amazing Stories

Tips on submitting stories, non-fiction and artwork to the Amazing Stories submission website.


Amazing Stories opens to submissions!


Some highlights of the near-term future for Amazing Stories

Amazing Histories, June 1927: Prize-Winning Stories

In this latest issue, Hugo Gernsback announces that he and his associates have chosen the three contest winners from around 360 entrants

Présentation de quelques small press

A presentation of three new small press publishers in France.

Local Author Makes Good

Amazing Stories pays a visit to the author of Colony Lost, Chris Philbrook

Professor Rachel Armstrong Joins Improbable Botany

Professor Rachel Armstrong joins the Improbable Botany team!

Amazing Histories, October 1926: Pole to Pole

It's back to October 1926...

40 years on, did Star Wars change SF for the better...

Imagine George Lucas at the Pearly Gates: would he get into heaven because of his contribution to science fiction, or would he be cast down?

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

News of speculative fiction book launches, magazine publications and writing contests and other events of interest to Spanish readers.

Reseña de libro: Aquí hay dragones. Breve antología de minificción centroamericana...

Here Be Dragons is an excellent representation of Spanish language SF microfiction.

Novedades de Enero

January was a busy month for Spanish language speculative fiction, with many book and magazine releases, calls for stories and more!

AMAZING NEWS: 1/8/2017

two items today.

Blogger Invitado. Cristián Londoño Proaño: Tal vez los dioses si existen.

What would happen if we discovered another universe inhabited by gods. Would we even be able to comprehend them? Jorge Alberto Collao poses these and other questions in his latest novel.

“No busques una línea en nuestras colecciones más allá del atrevimiento”....

An interview with the brains behind the Barcelona Speculative Fiction publishing house Café con Leche.

Editoriales que Apuestan por la ciencia Ficción

Interviews with two new Spanish language speculative fiction publishers, featuring advice for new writers.

Reseña de libro: La Pena y Otras Historias de Redención de...

A review of Marcela Ponce Trujillo short story collection La Pena y otras historias de redencion.

Spec Fic Publishing: Pitfalls and Opportunities

What is a new author supposed to do when so many established authors are being abandoned by their publishers?

The Retro Look and Stranger Things

Designer M. D. Jackson defends the visual style of the Netflix series Stranger Things, saying that its retro 80s look is a deliberate homage.

Boom & Bust: Lester Del Rey’s 12 Year Cycle

Taking a look at Lester Del Rey's theory of a 12 year boom and bust cycle for science fiction, 36 years on.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

Book releases, critical writings and interviews and symposia on the literature of the fantastic in Latin America are recapped by Tanya Tynjala.

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! or Just a Humour Writer in a Science...

I told my psychiatrist everyone hates humorous SF. He said I was being ridiculous; everyone hasn't read humorous SF...

Why Was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? Part 5: The...

Wrapping up the series by talking about a final and really influential technological change, the digital revolution.


New offerings from Indie and Hybrid authors.

Why Was Early Comic Book Art so Crude (Part 4)

The fourth installment of MD Jackson's comic art history.

Why Do Ebooks Cost So Much?

There is a legal idiom that goes like this: "the value of a thing is that which that thing will bring". Michael J Sullivan has a few thoughts.