Witches and Fish

Witches and Fish is a visual feast, a graphic novel that treads strange worlds where sorceresses and fish sing siren songs, a magic key can unlock doorways in the sky and between worlds, and the proud may be transformed into piles of rust — or worse.

The story starts with an odd account of creation, transitions to a pivotal moment of childhood kindness (that transforms a crow into a witch), and then follows a quest of a boy for an Oz-like sky city (with secondary plots woven in). On his adventure, the boy changes into a man — and then into something else altogether until finally his journey ends with a perfect, if unexpected, twist.

With archetypal illustrations by the author, Witches and Fish is a one-of-a-kind tale.

witches and fish cover

Duncan Long recently joined the staff at Amazing Stories as its Art Director. Duncan is both an accomplished artist and author. Witches and Fish is presented here for Amazing Stories’ readers and in support of Amazing Stories’ efforts to return as a market for quality fiction. To learn more about Duncan and view more of his provocative and stunning creations, please visit his profile.

(Editor’s Note: Witches and Fish is so lush that in order to preserve the image quality and graphic layout of this story, we’ve chosen to offer it as a PDF download rather than present it as a web display.)

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