Hunter x Hunter

Anime roundup 8/9/2013: The Zero’s Journey

Hunter x Hunter #90 – Nodding to old sf tropes once again, the new Chimera Ant king is after both braaaaaaaains and our women. And he demonstrates how mustache-twirlingly evil he is by killing two henchmen before he’s five minutes old, although Neferpitou did have a point about how the king and the guards don’t […]

Anime roundup 8/2/2013: Take a Number

Gatchaman Crowds #3 – This is the first sf work I know of to grapple full-on with the implications of widespread social networking. In any medium. You can point to any number of stories where blogging and online interaction are a standard part of the present and future, but it’s just there in the background. […]

Anime roundup 7/26/2013: The Safety Dance

Gatchaman Crowds #2 – Gatchaman Crowds has declared its thesis topic, which is the gamification of human interactions as mediated by the Internet. Gamification is, broadly, the application of game-like scoring systems to Internet sites which are not themselves games. You might get points for every post you make in a forum, or achievement badges […]

Anime roundup 7/19/2013: Expository Lumps

And now, the rest of your season premieres! For those who were eagerly awaiting Symphogear G or the new Milky Holmes, I regret to inform you that they haven’t been picked up for international streaming. Monogatari Second Season premiere – Tsubasa Hanekawa leaves her adopted family’s house for school one day, and a giant spectral […]

Anime roundup 7/5/2013: The Moving Finger Writes

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, end – By golly, they managed it. The big fight scene and enough time left over to wrap up all the loose ends, including what Earth was doing as one big ocean. Everyone, finally, from cultists to pirate queen, getting together to work in the same direction. Heck, even talk […]

Anime roundup 6/28/2013: Fall of the Guardians

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet #12 – Is it an act of insubordination if you refuse the orders given by your superior officer’s ghost? Or does that mech fight just count as damaging government property? There’s only one episode left, and you can feel it. Not just in the climactic fight as Ledo formalizes his […]

Anime roundup 6/21/2013: The Great Chain of Beating

Hunter x Hunter #84 – One of the recurring features of shōnen series is a tendency to look at characters exclusively through who they can and can’t defeat in a fight. The shōnen world can be arranged like the early zoological idea of the Great Chain of Being, only with every lifeform in existence ranked […]

Anime roundup 6/14/2013: Strange Aeons

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet #10 – So the magical glowing trails from which all the fleets of Earth draw their electricity are, basically, squid dandruff. Next it will probably turn out that the lightbugs die after a while and need more squid to replenish them. Better hope there are other outposts, or at least […]