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Anime roundup 1/1/2015: Best of 2014

In this week's viewing: Celestial Method finishes in the nick of time, and then it's time for some awards recommendations!

Anime roundup 9/25/2014: Au Revoir, Not Adieu

In this week's viewing: Two more shows pack their bags, but only for a temporary absence, and more!

Anime Roundup 9/18/2014: Moving On

In this week's viewing: JoJo reaches halftime, Hunter x Hunter starts wrapping things up, and more!

Anime roundup 9/11/2014: Things Are Seldom What They Seem

In this week's viewing: Nothing goes as expected, from the latest introduction in Sailor Moon to everything in Hunter x Hunter!

Anime Roundup 9/4/2014: Back From the Brink

In this week's viewing: Miraculous recoveries are everywhere, including two major characters and Aldnoah Zero's writing!

Anime Roundup 8/29/2014: Friends With Disadvantages

In this week's viewing: Sphinx is going to be sorry about making a friend on Terror in Resonance, Polnareff is very sorry about thinking of his loved ones in JoJo, and more!

Anime Roundup 8/21/2014: Not Always Better Together

In this week's viewing: Romance, family ties, their unhealthy flipsides, and more!

Anime roundup 8/14/2014: Hen Party

In this week's viewing: Female antagonists are everywhere! Except for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which lives up to its name once again.

Anime roundup 8/7/2014: Smoke and Mirrors

In this week's viewing: Mind games, plotting, and counter-plotting all over the place!

Anime Roundup 7/31/2014: Message Alert

In this week's viewing: Aldnoah Zero and Terror in Resonance go heavy on the symbolism, and more!

Anime Roundup 7/24/2014: Too Much Fun

In this week's viewing: After disposing of the worst premiere of the season, the lineup is brutally cut to the maximum of five shows. Who will survive?

Anime Roundup 7/3/2014: Out With a Bang

In this week's viewing: Epic fireworks are ahead with the conclusion of Brynhildr and a look back at Hunter x Hunter's Chimera Ant arc.

Yoshihiro Togashi and Growth As A Creator

A look at Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi in comparison with his other major manga-turned-anime, Yu Yu Hakusho

An Homage To Feminine Male Characters (And The Women Who Voice...

It has long been a fascination that the shonen manga industry has allowed male characters who are not typically masculine to be interesting, complex, and relatable characters, as well as allowing women to take on the roles of young men.

Anime roundup 10/25/2013: Step By Step

In this week's viewing: The shows that will be covered in this discussion column for the rest of the season are chosen! And the others are whined about!

Anime roundup 10/4/2013: Judgement Day

It's time to wrap up the shows we've been following this past season and look at the first harbingers of the new one.

Anime roundup 9/27/2013: Chekhov’s Arsenal

In this week's viewing: The Eccentric Family does a clinic on setup and payoff, Day Break Illusion demonstrates how not to do it, and more!

Anime roundup 8/20/2013: And They Made a Most Agreeable Thump When...

In this week's viewing: It's that late-season moment when the plot cards are all on the table and fisticuffs break out in all directions!

Anime roundup 9/13/2013: Cut Day

In this week's viewing: The Eccentric Family lays bare a dastardly plot, Gatchaman Crowds creeps out its local viewers, and more!

Anime roundup 9/6/2013: Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

In this week's viewing: Gatchaman Crowds continues to go to unexpected places, the Shimogamo family tree contains surprises, and more!

Anime roundup 8/23/2013: Your Princess Is In Another Reality

In this week's viewing: Space Brothers gets drop-kicked, Day Break Illusion causes a lecture on honorifics, and more!

Anime roundup 8/16/2013: Take Heart

In this week's viewing: Hunter x Hunter lays on the foreshadowing, Space Brothers, of all shows, does something mindbogglingly, cringingly offensive, and more!

Anime roundup 8/9/2013: The Zero’s Journey

Hunter x Hunter #90 - Nodding to old sf tropes once again, the new Chimera Ant king is after both braaaaaaaains and our...

Anime roundup 8/2/2013: Take a Number

Gatchaman Crowds #3 - This is the first sf work I know of to grapple full-on with the implications of widespread social networking....

Anime roundup 7/26/2013: The Safety Dance

Gatchaman Crowds #2 - Gatchaman Crowds has declared its thesis topic, which is the gamification of human interactions as mediated by the Internet. Gamification...

Anime roundup 7/19/2013: Expository Lumps

And now, the rest of your season premieres! For those who were eagerly awaiting Symphogear G or the new Milky Holmes, I regret to...

Anime roundup 7/5/2013: The Moving Finger Writes

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, end - By golly, they managed it. The big fight scene and enough time left over to wrap...

Anime roundup 6/28/2013: Fall of the Guardians

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet #12 - Is it an act of insubordination if you refuse the orders given by your superior officer's...

Anime roundup 6/21/2013: The Great Chain of Beating

Hunter x Hunter #84 - One of the recurring features of shōnen series is a tendency to look at characters exclusively through who...

Anime roundup 6/14/2013: Strange Aeons

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet #10 - So the magical glowing trails from which all the fleets of Earth draw their electricity are,...