Anime roundup 6/14/2013: Strange Aeons

Gargantia-10 Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet #10 – So the magical glowing trails from which all the fleets of Earth draw their electricity are, basically, squid dandruff. Next it will probably turn out that the lightbugs die after a while and need more squid to replenish them. Better hope there are other outposts, or at least that Chamber didn’t completely destroy the nursery.

I’m betting he didn’t. Given that one of the goals of Gargantia‘s creators was to present a narrative for young adults taking up responsibilities and finding their place in society, it would fit very well if Ledo becomes the guardian of the last remaining squid-person young.

Pinion, meanwhile, is in the last stages of descent into terminal maniacal villany. What can possibly stop him? Maybe an even bigger villain who has not just followers but outright cultists.

I’m not sure what to make of them yet– squid-worshippers, but accompanied by another soldier in the Hideauze war, who should have been even more excited about killing them than Ledo? Well, his mech, anyway. Perhaps he’s been sacrificed to the Squid God.

HxH-83 Hunter x Hunter #83 – Because the laws of Nen allow that the more limitations you place on your power, the more powerful it is, when someone in Hunter x Hunter says, “Wow, your power is really inconvenient,” what they actually mean is, “Wow, your power must be really badass.”

And Kite demonstrates it very well here, wiping out most of a squad of Chimera Ants in one pass. If that was a bad spin, I’d hate to see what a good one is. Actually, we probably will.

Gon’s fight is a milestone for him, in that this is the first time he’s outright killed an opponent. He’s always tried his best to go no further than necessary, and his enemies wind up respecting him for the strength he shows in doing that. Now he’s finally encountered a situation where even he accepts that there’s nothing to do but kill or be killed.

Space-Bros-61 Space Brothers #61 – Um, did I say something a couple weeks ago about how there are a lot of bad fathers in this show, but not among the major characters? Scratch that now that it turns out Pico has somehow managed to get married and have kids despite his busy drinking schedule. This would be a good time for Vince and Mutta and any other concerned people to start staging an intervention. Or at least start arranging meetings with him somewhere other than bars, for crying out loud.

Anyway, it’s re-entry time and Space Brothers does one of the things it does best: sit back and let the reality of near-future space travel take over. Who needs to manufacture extra drama when you need only to state some basic facts– the capsule will be a fireball travelling at many times the speed of sound, and that’s if everything goes right.

Next up, what’s Mutta’s sad news that Amanti foresaw? Probably something more serious than Hibito’s reaction when he finds out Mutta has been letting Kenji use his room. It sounds like Hibito’s going to be busy travelling for a while, anyway.

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