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Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, (Español) Episodio 1: Entrevista a Laura Ponce, editora...

David Perez Marulanda delivers Amazing Stories's first ever podcast with an interview with Laura Ponce, Spanish Woman of Wonder!

Promotional audio: Podcast, Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, with science fiction from around...

Cosmocapsula launches a new podcast for Amazing Stories

Promo: Podcast, Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, ciencia ficción alderedor del mundo

Este es el promo del podcast de ciencia ficción Cosmocápsula goes Amazing, un programa dedicado a la ciencia ficción que se produce alrededor del mundo, con episodios en inglés y en español.

Excerpt: If Time Played Tricks by Carlos Suchowolski

An excerpt from Carlos Suchowolski's If Time Played Tricks

Asni’s Art Blog: Magic Goose

If you thought baby rabbits were the pinnacle of cute, I recommend you try goslings.

Trying Patreon (Because I am not Amanda Palmer but I Want...

Our Spanish language editor has started a Patreon account.

Interview with Finnish Writer Anne Leinonen

An interview with Finnish author Anne Leinonen: Let the Finnishness Begin!

Entrevista con la Escritora Finlandesa Anne Leinonen

An interview with Finnish author Anne Leinonen

Archipelacon 2015. Fotos de J.Pekka Mäkelä/ J. Pekka Mäkelä photos

A photo gallery from Archipelacon 2015

Archipelacon 2015 (Post bilingüe/bilingual post)

A bilingual con report from Archipelacon! With even more GRRM!

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

New books, new magazine issues and a new movie!

Review: AMC’s Humans

A partial review of Humans, veering off into a discussion of sex bots.

Archipelacon (Bilingual post-Post bilingüe)

A bilingual convention profile!

Asni’s Art Blog: Feng Huang

The Feng Huang is often referred to as the "Chinese Phoenix", but similarities between the two mythological birds are superficial: rather than death and resurrection, Feng Huang symbolises balance between yin and yang.

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

A job in the field!, magazines, books, radio, conventions and on the web - all the latest!


All About science fiction in Finland - in Spanish!

Asni’s Art Blog: Happy Goat Year!

Happy goat everyone! Year year many fish, ten thousand things like will, dragon horse sperm god, step step high rise.

Review: The Salt Roads by Nalo Hopkinson

Open Road Media's re-release of Nalo Hopkinson's The Salt Roads



Asni’s Art Blog: Firebird

The Russian Firebird, a truly magical creature.

Asni’s Art Blog: Quetzalcoatl

In the next few blogs, I will have a look at magical birds - messengers between the human realm and the supernatural in many cultures. First off, Quetzalcoatl: the feathered snake of the Mexicans.

Reseña de Libro: El Primer Peruano en el Espacio de Daniel...

Take a look at the first Peruvian in Space!

Open Road Media Goes Nalo – and We Have an Excerpt

Witchcraft and sensuality in Excerpt from Nalo Hopkinson's The Salt Road

Top Post de Diciembre 2014

December's top posts


Censorship of images has been much on people's minds this last week. I thought I'd write a post about the depiction of nudity.

Novedades de Diciembre en Hispanoamérica

A round up of new things from our spanish speaking friends

Blogger Invitado: José Güich Rodríguez. Los Meandros Fantásticos De José Durand,...

Part 4 of an investigation of author Jose Durand.

Blogger Invitado: José Güich Rodríguez. Los Meandros Fantásticos De José Durand,...

Investigations of the Peruvian fantastical kind

Blogger Invitado: José Güich Rodríguez. Los Meandros Fantásticos De José Durand,...

Este trabajo es parte de una investigación sobre la narrativa fantástica peruana que la Universidad de Lima publicará el próximo año y que el autor ha realizado junto a Carlos López Degregori y Alejandro Susti.

Blogger Invitado: José Güich Rodríguez. Los Meandros Fantásticos de José Durand,...

Investigations into the works of Joseph Durand.