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Asni’s Art Blog: Mother of Waters

Yemanja, Yemoja, Yemalla, Janaína – the Mother of Waters is one of the main goddesses, of various Afro-American religions – Santería, Voodoo, Candomblé – which evolved from African deities grafted onto Catholic saints.

AMAZING News 4/6/14

PRESS RELEASES & NEWSLETTERS (See Below For Full Text) Lightspeed Magazine April Phoenix Pick Detcon1 YA Finalists SOCIAL Sexism In Tech: The 'Breast App Ever' Controversy (NY...

When Spidey Met Spidey

Miguel O'Hara just wants to get back to his future.

A Reaction to the Recent Sexism Debacle

James plants a flag for straight white males - but not the one you'd expect.

Unhappy Is The Fan

Judith Dial, editor and former book dealer, shares her concerns about the state of fandom.

The Artful Collector: Love the Art, Hate the Artist?

How does one reconcile the moral dilemma of liking art from an artist one dislikes on moral grounds?

“La Puntuación es un Impulso Imperialista”. Entrevista con Lavie Tidhar

Tanya profiles international author Lavie Tidhar

Joanna Russ, o cómo resaltar la escritura de la mujer

A profile of one of SF's leading advocates for women and feminism - and a hell of a writer and critic - Joanna Russ

“Punctuation is an Imperialist Impulse”. Interview with Award Winning Lavie Tidhar

Tanya's interview with Lavie Tidhar, Israeli author and editor - in English! (A native spanish speaker living in Finland, interviewing an Israeli author, in English!)

Asni’s Art Blog: Time Travel Photo Album

Occasionally, I discover my inner German: a series of conceptual photos and photomanipulations, which capture the elusive concept of time travel.

Let Not the Good that SFWA Does Be Interred With its...

K. Ceres Wright reminds us that good stuff comes from SFWA.

Deeper In: Interview with Jarvis Sheffield, Creator of the Black Science...

K. Ceres Wright follows up her original interview with Jarvis Sheffield of the Black Science Fiction Society to discuss what more needs to be done in the service of diversity in genre.

ALEJANDRA MÀRQUEZ – Artesana por M. C. Carper

M.C. Carper interviews comics artist Alejandra Marquez

Chi-Fi Gets It Right

K. Ceres Wright highlights the recent announcement by the Chi-Fi convention that they are rescheduling their convention because the venue might not be welcoming to fans.

Review: Try to Remember by Frank Herbert

Try to Remember by Frank Herbert is a fitting finale to the 1969 edition Best of Amazing anthology and a fitting story to represent what is best about Amazing Stories. First published in the October 1961 issue, the novella is one of those stories that makes the reader think.

Happy Holidays From Amazing Stories

Our holiday present to our viewers - the holidays as depicted on various pulp magazine covers.

Pets in Space!

Does science fiction suffer from animal animosity? Where are all the outer-spacey pets? Who banned fish tanks from the Enterprise? C.E. Martin wants to know.

Interview: Jarvis Sheffield, Founder of the Black Science Fiction Society

K. Ceres Wright interviews one of the great influenctial forces behind black science fiction, Jarvis Sheffield, founder of the Black Science Fiction Society

Diversity Issue


AMAZING News 12/1/2013

Fascinating, Bothersome & Informative: News of the genre week from Amazing Stories

There Will Be Girls There: A Few Notes on the Changing...

As I begin writing this, it pains me that such a post is even necessary here in the early years of the twenty-first century,...

A Case for Courtesy

The controversy over the SFWA Bulletin that erupted from the SFWA forums onto the wider internet this week brought to mind something that's been...