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Asni’s Art Blog: Beyond Earthsea

The only book by Ursula Le Guin, outside the Earthsea series, which has received consistent attention from artists and illustrators is The Left Hand of Darkness.

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Diversity in Fantasy by K. Ceres Wright

K. Ceres Wright expands on her participation on a panel on diversity at World Fantasy Con

Asni’s Art Blog: The Painting of Earthsea (part 5)

By and large, the illustrators on DeviantArt are far more respectful of how the characters are described by the author, than the professional illustrators responsible for the various cover versions.

Nuevos Bloggers en Amazing Stories en Español.

Introducing some new contributors to Amazing Stories

Asni’s Art Blog: The Painting of Earthsea (part 4)

In this post, I would like to introduce my own visual interpretation of Earthsea and its places and characters

Un éclairage européen sur l’affaire Require Hate

Fabien weighs in on the Benjanun Sriduangkaew affair, from a European perspective. (This kind of thing happens in France too!)

Reporte del I Congreso Internacional de Narrativa Fantástica

A report on 2014's International Congress of Fantastic Fiction, help in Lima Peru

Ciencia Ficción Finlandesa: Dos Perspectivas, dos autores.

An interview with two of FInland's best

Asni’s Art Blog: The Painting of Earthsea (part 3)

I picked up the animated movie version from Studio Ghibli and was delighted to see Tenar pop up again. There must be a fourth book then!

I Congreso Internacional de Narrativa Fantástica – Perú

A report on and a photo gallery from the VII International Colloquium for Fiction Fantastic held at the Center for Literary Studies Antonio Cornejo Polar Lima - Peru

Asni’s Art Blog: The Painting of Earthsea (part 2)

Some of the blunt, knee-jerk assumptions that are made in much fantasy art are less obvious, and therefore more insidious. These are often assumptions about gender roles, and ethnicity.

Asni’s Art Blog: The Painting of Earthsea (part 1)

The first thing to note is that there don't appear to be a lot of pictorial representations of Earthsea. The second thing is that artists seem to have a hard time visualizing the characters of the book the way they have been described by the author.

Beauty, the Eye of the Beholder and Miss Universe

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is to say that beauty is subjective and, despite the human condition that every one...

Amused? Insulted? Flattered? How Should SF Fans Respond To The Big...

From cultural outcasts to cultural icons in one successful TV series?

Crónica del Evento BEHIQUE 2014 Por Sheila Padrón Morales

The DIALFA Project: Behique - an annual Cuban theater of fantasy and science fiction

On Commenting

Why comments are important - especially here!

“La Ficción Debe Ser Visceral, no Adorable y Lírica Todo el...

Tanya returns with the english language version of her interview with Hal Duncan, author of Vellum.

Interview with Scottish Author Hal Duncan

Author Hal Duncan (Vellum) has been adopted by Finnish Fandom. Find out why.

Finncon 2014. Fotos/Photos

Tanya Tynjala's photographic report on Finncon (in Spanish AND English!)

CAITLÍN R. KIERNAN, o excavar en los temores más profundos

A profile of the multi-talented author Caitlin Kiernan.

The Sounds of Science Fiction

The ur sounds of science fiction

Asni’s Art Blog: Warriors, Hunters, Healers, and Death

Meet grandmother Buluku, Ogum the warrior, Oxossi the hunter, Oxumare the rainbow snake, Babalu Aye the leper who heals infectious diseases, and Exu, Papa Legba or Baron Samedi: trickster, guide of spirits, devil on the crossroads.

1775: Alunizaje literario mexicano

Before Well's The First Men In the Moon...before Verne's A Trip To the Moon, there was...Fray Manuel Antonio de Rivas

Asni’s Art Blog: The Lovely Oxum

Oxum represents all the traditionally feminine values. But she is also patron of witches.

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

People of Color in European History - as depicted through the art of the ages.

Award Winners: Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

One night a few years from now the stars go out ...almost from when it was first published Robert Charles Wilson's Hugo Award-winning Spin remains one of the finest hard SF novels of the new millennium.

Asni’s Art Blog: Oxalá, Prince of Peace

I have often wondered to what extent Tolkien might have drawn on the African pantheon...

ANGÉLICA GORODISCHER, o la capacidad de reinventarse

A profile of Argentianian author Angelica Gorodischer.

Asni’s Art Blog: Orixas of Fire, Storm and Thunder

Male gods of storm and thunder exist in many pagan religions. It is more unusual to see the powers of sky and weather personified as a female. It is said that in battle, Oya always goes ahead of Xangó, just like lightning precedes thunder.