Virgil Finlay, Bob Madle, Amazing Stories Quarterly…it looks like an old time reunion this week in our most popular posts

Artículos populares de Julio

Literatura Un antiguo artículo de J. Jay Jones sobre Theodore Sturgeon está entre los favoritos de este mes. Ernest Lilley nos recomienda qué leer en julio en cuanto a la ciencia ficción. En su serie CLUBHOUSE, R. Graeme Cameron nos reseña el libro “Axis of Andes: WW2 in South America, an Alternate History” de D.G. […]


October is Meteor Month; skull & bones sugar lumps, black hole may be orbiting our sun, space rocks may be spying on the Earth, Sandford calls for change of name to Clarke Award, Venkman says dogs and cats are living together, reading SF may not make you stupid after all and lots more stuff of biblical proportions this week in Amazing News


We’re very pleased to learn that one of our contributors – Steven H Silver (the period after the ‘H’ is silent) – publisher of Argentus, a long-running fanzine, regular contributor to the SF Site, Best Fanzine and Best Fan Writer Hugo nominee, author and long-suffering (with a smile) perennial con-worker (he’s doing committee work for […]

Loncon 3 Hugo Award Finalists

(See below for some additional information.) The 2014 Hugo Awards  (1939 Retrospective Hugo Award Nominees Below) The finalists for this year’s Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer were announced on Saturday 19 April 2014. The shortlist announcement was streamed live from the UK to the web and conventions in the […]