October is Meteor Month; skull & bones sugar lumps, black hole may be orbiting our sun, space rocks may be spying on the Earth, Sandford calls for change of name to Clarke Award, Venkman says dogs and cats are living together, reading SF may not make you stupid after all and lots more stuff of biblical proportions this week in Amazing News


Luke Skywalker Disses Palpitane’s Daughter

Traveling to Volunteer at a Con?  You might not want to say “Volunteering” – try “Attending” Instead (Border Patrol is sometimes interpreting “volunteering” as work and denying entries) More

When a Piece of the Arctic Floats By – Kinda Hard to Deny Climate Change (Even tho it looks really cool!)

BREAKING:  Study that said reading SF made reader’s stupid now refuted by actual evidence… (read our commentary)


“New” Colorized and Dubbed Version of Metropolis Trailer (if these are the lengths we have to go to to get audiences who can’t handle B&W silent films to watch them, just send them to an MCU flick and tell them to say “Scorsese” sent you, instead)

Amazing Stories is still coming from AppleTV (Check out the other SF&F shows scheduled as well)

Villeneuve’s Dune Wraps

Where’d the Action Take Place in Wells’ War of the Worlds?  Here are some maps:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (If you are going to flee the War Machines, it’s a good idea to know where it’s safe to go)

Looking for a Deal on a Theremin?

Phillip Pullman Does Not Like Tolkein

Cory Doctorow on Youtube Explaining What SF Authors Do

Alien vs Predator Birthday Cake

Martin says Superhero flicks are not high cinema

A Rolls Royce from the Future

Pennywise & the Joker Team Up to Fight Real Clowns


New WP Podcast Moonrise – About Apollo – Getting a Lot of Attention

Film Fans and Fanzines – a History

Shoutout for Fandom Charities

Sandford Calls for Change of Clarke Award Name

Greg Bear Story Collection Sale

Check out the 48th Worldcon’s Souvenir Book

Working Future Anthology features work…in the future  (Could have just titled it “Monday”….)

New Releases from Book View Cafe Members

How to Design Convention Name Tags

Skull Sugar Lumps:  Gonna start a crowdfunder to get me a ton of these…


If there is a Planet Nine, it might be a Black Hole

October is Meteor Month – Draconids & Orionids Coming Soon

Space Rocks May Be Spying On Earth!

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