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October is Meteor Month; skull & bones sugar lumps, black hole may be orbiting our sun, space rocks may be spying on the Earth, Sandford calls for change of name to Clarke Award, Venkman says dogs and cats are living together, reading SF may not make you stupid after all and lots more stuff of biblical proportions this week in Amazing News
The Devil-Doll

A. Merritt on Film: Burn, Witch, Burn!

Tod Browning's adaptation of A Merritt's Burn, Witch Burn! was less faithful to the source material than a Mexican film based on the same material, but was technically a much better film.

Top Post de Febrero

References to some recent articles in Amazing Stories for Spanish speaking readers.

Distopía edulcorada: “Metrópolis”

On the 90th anniversary of the film's release, Ivan Mendizabal analyzes the history and politics of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.


This week, Steve travels back to Ancient Egypt with Boris Karloff as "The Mummy." No CGI, but scarier than Brendan Fraser's "Mummy"!

Asni’s Art Blog: Robot

So what’s the difference between a robot, an android (or droid), and a cyborg?

MOVIE REVIEW—X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Steve reviews X-Men: Days of Future Past, and finds it good.

Horror Film or Terror Film. Which is it? Karloff and Clarens...

Boris Karloff made 'terror' films. Not horror films.

Top Ten Best Science Fiction Movie Villains of All Time

The top ten villains to grace the screen.

Bad Robots

Robots are supposed to follow three laws that will maintain their loyalty to humanity. But as we all know, even a bunch of nuts and bolts can go bad. So let’s take a look at some of the bad robots we’ve grown to love.

What Gets Preserved?

The library of Alexandria was the largest and most comprehensive repository of knowledge in the ancient world. In 46 AD (according to some sources)...

Man of Steel Is the Superman Film You’ve Been Waiting For,...

Warning: Minor Man of Steel spoilers follow. In all fairness, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is a beautiful movie. It’s the kind of thing you’d...

Mechanical Men and Women

It's one of Science Fiction's classic tropes and has been responsible for some of the most beloved characters in the genre -- robots. Robots are...

Machines that Think Are Improbable

Intelligent robots have been part of the SciFi lexicon since before Fritz Lang's seminal file Metropolis. While it's fun to imagine what the world...