October is Meteor Month; skull & bones sugar lumps, black hole may be orbiting our sun, space rocks may be spying on the Earth, Sandford calls for change of name to Clarke Award, Venkman says dogs and cats are living together, reading SF may not make you stupid after all and lots more stuff of biblical proportions this week in Amazing News

The Rousing Speech

Today…Today we choose to read this post, not because it is easy but because it is fun! We choose to read this post and the other things on Amazing because this challenge is one we choose to accept!


Sometimes great books come and go, waiting for another chance to be discovered and given the place on our bookshelves they truly deserve. Sword & Sorcery is no exception. In 1951, Poul Anderson wrote what was a labor of love, a Fantasy based on the mythology of his ancestors, the Scandinavians. The book was called […]

The Linguistic Wonders of Fez

As a kid, I never liked Tolkien very much.  I loved The Hobbit, like anyone did, but couldn’t ever obsess over Lord of the Rings.  I could never get past the writing style heavy on description, the obsession with landscapes and language.   Now, as I get older, as I try to write my own […]