A funny faux-magazine cover

Unseen LoTR film footage (largely glad they cut these scenes)

Astronomy’s Drake has passed.  Creator of the Drake Equation 1930-2022

LoTR:ROP biggest Prime Video release ever

Artemis No-Go

Heinlein’s Life Line film trailersorry, but it looks cheap and amateurish to me

Jeremy Lichtman announces the release of a short story collection: Eponymous Plot Device: A Collection of Short Science Fiction Stories now available

Are MAGAT Republicans really Fascists?  This post seems to answer the question.

Musk complains about the treatment of men in ROP

And, unsurprisingly – ROP fights back against racist backlash

AI Art Wins Prize for Art it Can’t Own

This 3,000 year old olive tree has seen a lot of history (or would have if it had eyes)

A Fake House Had An Outsized Influence on Film

Bob Eggleton wants you to know that he will be at the Days of the Dead con

And Nnedi Okorafor wants you to know she’ll be a GoH at the 2024 Worldcon!

US Place Names Changed to eliminate use of offensive name (tortured headlines also avoid using the word)

David Gerrold, and many others, note and celebrate Star Trek’s premiere anniversary

The Woman King looks to be shaping up as an interesting film

An Immortal Jellyfish?

Donald Day’s Fanzine Collection goes up for auction (really cool fanzine and art gallery)

Cards Against Humanity is fighting anti-abortion states

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