Cats Sleep On SFF: Oblique Star Wars Reference Edition
JJ is amused to discover that “Ancillary Cat has a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of Jabba I.” Photos of your felines (or whatever you’ve got!) resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

Pixel Scroll 9/10/22 The Risk of Repeating Scroll Titles is Real
EKPEKI ALSO THREATENED BEFORE CHICON 8. Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki today said that he was the second person, in addition to Patrick Tomlinson, who received death threats about attending the 2022 Worldcon (see “Chicon 8 Reveals Anonymous Death Threats Were

Rotsler Award Display at Chicon 8
Thanks to Kenn Bates who shot these photos of the Rotsler Award exhibit at the 2022 Worldcon in Chicago. (Click for a larger image.) The display was organized by John Hertz using banners by Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink.

Pixel Scroll 9/9/22 The Risk of Repeating Scroll Titles is Real
YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE EXCEPT YOURSELF. Cat Rambo tells SFWA Blog readers to “Stop Multitasking”. I am here to say: Stop multitasking. Yes, I understand its appeal. Like many writers, I love the idea of multitasking, the notion that one can

Crime Fiction News for September 2022
2022 BARRY AWARDS The winners of the 2022 Barry Awards were announced September 8 at Bouchercon. The Barry Award winners are selected by subscribers and readers of Deadly Pleasures, where one of the magazine’s stated goals is to search out

Review: What Abigail Did That Summer (Rivers of London #5.83), by Ben Aaronovitch
By Lis Carey: This is a novella in the Rivers of London series. Abigail Kamara, younger cousin of police constable and apprentice wizard Peter Grant, has been left largely unsupervised while he’s off in the sticks on a case. This leaves Abigail

Pixel Scroll 9/8/22 Bright Scrolls, Big Pixels
CHICON 8 COVID UPDATE. The Chicon 8 committee has notified attending members that another 19 people present at the 2022 Worldcon last weekend have tested positive for Covid. (The first email listed 8 cases.) Where known, it includes information

Chicon 8 Reveals Anonymous Death Threats Were Made Against Two Program Participants
The Chicon 8 committee stated today that prior to the 2022 Worldcon they received threats to murder two program participants, one of whom has gone public. Last week, shortly before the start of the convention, Chicon 8 received an anonymous

J.G. “Huck” Huckenpöhler (1941-2022)
By Martin Morse Wooster: J.G. “Huck” Huckenpöhler, a long-time fan and official in the Burroughs Bibliophiles, died on August 26 in Washington, D.C. He was 81. Huck worked for the National Science Foundation as a science resources analyst between 1964-1996,

Avengers Assemble Brings Jason Aaron’s Avengers Era To An End
Starting in November, Marvel Comics visionary Jason Aaron will conclude his incredible work on the Avengers mythos in Avengers Assemble. For nearly five years, the superstar writer has penned an epic Avengers story across over 60 issues of Avengers as

Pixel Scroll 9/7/22 The File Is In The Mail
FILER SUMMIT MEETING. I got to meet Steve Vertlieb and his brother Erwin for the first time today! Steve was visiting from the East Coast. His earliest contributions to File 770 date to 2009. I’m glad we finally got

Uncle Hugo’s and Signs of the Times
The soft reopening of Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s Bookstores in Minneapolis has been a success, and Don Blyly says in his latest “How’s Business?” newsletter that following Labor Day the stores will begin keeping their regular hours. We’ve been

Pixel Scroll 9/6/22 All Of The Riverworld Ramblers Are Losing Their Grails
A LITTLE SMACK. Deadline takes notes as “Neil Gaiman Slaps Back At Elon Musk For Criticizing ‘LOTR: The Rings Of Power’”. …Gaiman’s comment came after Musk slammed Amazon’s LOTR: The Rings Of Power, saying “Tolkien is turning over his grave,” as

New Chengdu Worldcon Website Is Up
The Chengdu Worldcon has opened a beautiful new website: Chinese language English langauge The website is taking subscriptions for notifications. That worked for me. The new site has pages with the information and forms for buying memberships; I did not

What Did We Learn About the Chengdu Worldcon During Chicon 8?
Chengdu Worldcon co-chair Ben Yalow provided some updated information in response to questions posed during the Future Worldcons panel on September 2. With him on the platform were the Vice-Chair, and the Chair of the Chengdu Science Fiction Society (the

Pixel Scroll 9/5/22 Boosterspice Fields Forever
CHICON 8 MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS. Chicon 8 drew 3,574 warm bodies (494 at door). Another 947 watched at least one hour of virtual programming. There were ~6,500 total members of all types. (Numbers via KevinStandlee.) (2) WORLDCON MASQUERADE PHOTOS. Chicon

Emails From Lake Woe-Is-Me — Fit the Forty-Fifth
[Introduction: Melanie Stormm continues her humorous series of posts about the misdirected emails she’s been getting. Stormm is a multiracial writer who writes fiction, poetry, and audio theatre. Her novella, Last Poet of Wyrld’s End is available through Candlemark &

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: Chicon 8 Special
The 2022 Hugo Award Fan Writer Award Concession Speech By Chris M. Barkley: Well, being nominated for a Hugo Award has been both an exciting and singularly special experience in my life and I have cherished every momen


2022 Anthony Awards
Bouchercon, the world mystery convention, announced the winners of the at a ceremony held in Minneapolis on September 10. BEST NOVEL Razorblade Tears, by S.A. Cosby (Flatiron) BEST FIRST NOVEL Arsenic and Adobo, by Mia P. Manansala (Berkley

2022 Hugo Awards
The winners of the , Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book, and Astounding Award for Best New Writer were announced on Sunday, September 4 at Chicon 8. (Detailed statistics for the nominating and final ballots are available

2022 Macavity Awards
The winners were announced at Bouchercon on September 8. The Macavity Award is named for the “mystery cat” of T.S. Eliot (Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats). Each year the members of Mystery Readers International nominate and vote

2022 Glass Bell Award
The Goldsboro Books Glass Bell Award 2022 has been awarded to Elodie Harper for The Wolf Den, the first novel in a new trilogy re-imagining the lives of the forgotten women of Pompeii’s brothels, published by Head of Zeus. It follows Amara – a

Booker Prize 2022 Shortlist
The Booker Prize 2022 shortlist includes three books of genre interest, titles shown in boldface. NoViolet Bulawayo, Glory (Viking) Claire Keegan, Small Things Like These (Grove Press) Alan Garner, Treacle Walker (4th Estate, HarperCollins) Percival Everett, The Trees (Graywolf Press) Shehan Karunatilaka, The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida (Sort Of Books) Elizabeth Strout, Oh

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