Amazing Stories Trivia Contest 4 Winners Announced!

Publisher’s note:  my apologies for the delay in announcing our new winners.  Famly matters tied up my time yesterday and I opted to announce a day late on the regular schedule, as opposed to posting something late yesterday)

(Publisher’s additonal note:  the contest is in hiatus this week while we devise more difficult questions.)

Our 4th Contest asked the following question:

Science Fiction Fandom famously began the World Science Fiction convention, as an annual gathering of fans, in 1939.

The current Worldcon, (Dublin 2019) is considered to be the 77th Worldcon, not the 81st.


The answer:  Worldcon was put in hiatus for the duration of World War II.

We’ve got two winners this time around and we’re pleased to announce that –

Richard Chwedyk of Nebula Award fame was the first to answer the question correctly.

Lloyd Penny of steampunk fame has won the random draw from the rest of the entrants, also correctly answering the question.

Stay tuned for more difficult trivia questions starting next week!

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