What Indie Authors Should Know for 2015

As we enter a new year in writing and publishing, I thought I’d review some interesting statistics and observed trends over 2014 made by those poised well in the industry. In July 2014, Publishers Weekly revealed some interesting statistics from various surveys and studies worth considering. The article was based on two recent surveys: one […]

The Leap from Self to Traditional Publishing

Today’s post is prompted by two events: My wife was filling in for me on a writer’s panel this weekend (I got a bad fish that gave me a bit of food poisoning) I’m counseling a self-published author who is negotiating a traditional contract for his series. Regarding the first, a fellow panelist mentioned, “No […]

How Big is a Book?

How big is a book? SF & Fantasy books were slim volumes in wire racks until market forces created the massive tomes we’re used to today. What happened?