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Book Review: Neon Leviathan by T.R. Napper

T.R. Napper has shovelled over the soil of quantum particles that was cyberpunk to create a new creature entirely

“Ecos y cavernas”: la Tierra en el mundo virtual

Alejandro Veintimilla, Ecuadorian writer, has published Echoes and Caverns. 12 stories set in the context of cyberpunk science fiction. Its background is the technological world

‘The Red Strings Club’ a game that explores the morality of...

A video game featuring a high-tech future in which players are encouraged to make moral decisions.

Slaughterbots – a Chilling Short Film

What happens when we let our weapons choose their own targets?

Novedades de Octubre

News of speculative fiction book publications, magazines and more of interest to Spanish speaking fans.

Estrategias de legitimación de la ciencia ficción en Cuba: estudio de...

A discussion of three periods in Cuban science fiction.

Cyber World ed. by Jason Heller and Joshua Viola

Cyber World – Tales of Humanity’s Tomorrow from Hex Publishing is an impressive collection of short stories, combining the innermost elements of human experience and the technological possibilities of a not-so distant future.

Fragmento de novela: Ideva: Liberación de Matías Garretón

An excerpt from the Spanish language cyberpunk novel Ideva: Liberación (Ideva: Freedom), by Chilean author Matias Garreton .

Review: Recursion, by Tony Ballantyne

Ballantyne’s plotting is stunningly impressive, the story unfolding with clarity, precision and a powerful imaginative vision

Review: Wylding Hall Review by Elizabeth Hand

Wylding Hall is a mixed bag, but there is tremendous craft in the novella, and it can certainly be enjoyable to read.

Review: Beautiful Intelligence, by Stephen Palmer

Beautiful Intelligence is a bracingly imaginative novel. By choosing to operate within a realistic, post-crash, dystopian cyberpunkish framework Stephen Palmer has written his most accessible and commercial work to-date.

“Angelus Hostis”: el ángel de la historia atrapado ante el futuro...

An Ecuadorian graphic science fiction novel!

Review: Day One by Nate Kenyon

Day One by Nate Kenyon is a fast paced action thriller that brings the worlds of science fiction fandom and conspiracy theorists all together in one volume.

Proof Science Fiction is Real

Forget UFOs. Science Fiction IS REAL.

Reporte del I Congreso Internacional de Narrativa Fantástica

A report on 2014's International Congress of Fantastic Fiction, help in Lima Peru

Review: The Memory Hunter by Jon Konrath

What brought me back to science fiction was the work of cyberpunk writers such as Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling and, yes, William Gibson.

ValleyCon 40

A con report on ValleyCon 40

Crónica del Evento BEHIQUE 2014 Por Sheila Padrón Morales

The DIALFA Project: Behique - an annual Cuban theater of fantasy and science fiction

Shadowrun 20th Anniversary vs. 5th Edition

What makes for a good RPG edition? Organization. Editing and - SUPPLEMENTS!

Retrospective: A Minority Verdict Against Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report

Upon release in 2002 the film Minority Report, nominally based on a story by Philip K. Dick, received almost universally ecstatic reviews. I was among the minority of dissenting voices, and what follows, my minority retort

Those old-city, new-crime, 20-minutes-into-the-future blues

Down these mean streets a cyborg must go...

Los Post Más Populares de Mayo.

Tanya rounds up the most popular posts of May for our Spanish speaking audience.

LATINOAMERICA 2025, la primera novela cyberpunk boliviana

Latinoamerica 2025 is a milestone of Bolivian cyberpunk

Award Winners: Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Rainbows End (2006) won the Hugo and Locus Awards for best novel and was nominated for the Prometheus Award. Sad to say there’s no pot of gold awaiting the reader at the end.

Atttack of the Amazing, Spectacular Uncanny Media Tie-ins

Really? They did a comic about that?

When Spidey Met Spidey

Miguel O'Hara just wants to get back to his future.


An introduction to the various punk sub genres and what to expect in the upcoming series.

Novedades De Enero en Hispanoamérica

Tanya Tynjala returns with a roundup of genre happenings in Hispanoamérica.

When Virtual Meets Reality

Virtual Reality technology is providing an opportunity for individuals to experience what it is like to be the other...and William Gibson helped.

Flying Cars and First Contacts

Here are two ambitious sf comics you might want to check out, particularly if you're nominating titles for the 2013 Hugo awards.