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Book Review: J. G. Ballard (Modern Masters of Science Fiction) by D....

A dense, at times brilliant, microscopically-detailed study of the works of J.G. Ballard

If it Ain’t Broke

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's better. A look at the drive to remake everything.


Holiday wishes from us to you.

AMAZING THINGS: Author Byline Without the Writing

Taking credit where credit is due.

The Orville: Thoughts On Meta Humor

Is The Orville funny, stupid or stupid funny?

More NBC Bullshit

Sorry for the NSFW headline folks, but as Lewis Black likes to say, words like that allow "adults to express anger and frustration". Yesterday the...

The Power of the Written Word.

"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it...

Comments, Wherefore Art Thou?

Let me know why you're not commenting on the site.

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

It's been exactly four years since the last time the world was supposed to end. Catch up with all the best end of the world theories here!

Guest Post by Foz Meadows: Unempathic Bipeds of Failure: The Relationship...

Owing to recent political developments, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about politics in SFF, not just as a general concept, but in relation to my own history with the genre.

Walking Away from the Walking Dead

No more Walking Dead for me.

Report on the Bi-Annual SFWA Binary Report

I am often asked the same basic question about SFWA that I am asked about Worldcon:  "If you can't go to the con, why...

Cosplay at Toronto Fan Expo

Ira Nayman makes the argument that cosplayers should be accepted as fans as much as anybody else...but, really, it's just an excuse to share photos of cosplayers he took at the 2016 Toronto Fan Expo. Shh...

Star Trek Is Fifty – and”OMG! I’m Old Enough To Have...

I was a Trekkie before I was a Fan

Hugo Worthiness

Message fic or swashbuckling tales of spaceships and aliens? SF is often both at the same time and how a reader receives it may say more about the reader than the work.

The Face of Science Fiction

The face of the Hugo Awards is changing!

Woman Can’t Be Comedians? Funny You Should Say That…

With no concern for his safety, Ira Nayman wades into the controversy over whether women can be funny, exploring possible reasons for why men are so resistant to the idea.

Do Not Barco Engage Yet, Mister Sulu!

One screen good, three screens better? Not, as Ira Nayman found, in the case of a screening of Star trek: Beyond in Barco Escape.

The Hugo Awards Die Is Cast

Predictions on this year's awards.

San Diego Comic Con and the Ungrateful Fanboys

We live in a golden age of science fiction and fantasy as highlighted by San Diego Comic Convention, but all some fanboys know how to do is whine about it.


Steve reminisces about a writer he used to know. Maybe you know some of the things he's done: meet Jerry Sohl!

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! or Just a Humour Writer in a Science...

I told my psychiatrist everyone hates humorous SF. He said I was being ridiculous; everyone hasn't read humorous SF...

Robbie is Dead

The three laws (plus one) have been violated. But not by robots.

Bonus Post: Rant! Pay for Art!

(Translated for Writers by H.E.: "Pay the Writer!")

On the Orlando Attack

The Pulse Club, Orlando, FL, 6/12/16

Hugo Gloom & Doom

Examining some Hugo Awards doom and gloom.

Science Fiction After a Fashion

What will we be wearing in the future? Better hope SF is not accurate with its predictions.

Weird and Intriguing: Cat People Score Sounds Remarkably Like Star...

Music from Cat People, 1942, evokes John Williams' Star Wars score

My 1941 Retro Hugo Awards Final Ballot

My votes for the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards.

My World and Welcome to It

A note on some things affecting the future of Amazing Stories.