Comments, Wherefore Art Thou?

Let me know why you’re not commenting on the site.

We put out a lot of good stuff here on Amazing Stories…at least if what people are saying elsewhere is anything to go by.

And yet, when discussion takes place regarding one of our posts, it always seems to happen elsewhere – Facebook, File 770, other blogs, the author’s website, etc.

I’d like to know why most folks seem to be avoiding commenting here, on site, when they have something to say.

Is it because you have to register on the site to comment?  Is there some technical issue that I am unaware of?  Do people not like having to register with Disqus?  Are you concerned about push-back?

Please let me know.  We’d like to have good discussions here and will do what we need to do to make it as easy as possible.

Please email me (don’t leave a comment here, lol) with your comments.

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  1. No Comments
    Wow. Where to begin.
    1) No content. Amazing Stories used to have top notch fiction and fantasy written by diverse authors in the field. No longer. Or was payment promised in the same currency that Huffpo uses? Mere ‘exposure’. People die of exposure, especially when landlords demand cash.
    2) You have a tendency to ban anyone disagreeing with you or offering an alternate view. Not exactly the tactics used by Stanley Schmidt, Anthony Boucher, Algis Budrys, Gardner Dozois, or any of the noted editors in the past.
    3)You bought a name to keep it alive, then smothered it. Who wants to bother trying to resuscitate the rotting corpse?

    Steve, I used to read as well as submit stories to Amazing Stories as well as other pulps. It isn’t worth my time, and it doesn’t fit my financial goals

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