AMAZING THINGS: Author Byline Without the Writing

Taking credit where credit is due.

Several months ago we serialized Jack Strange’s Raising Dave.

Over the course of that series, yours truly shared a humorous incident about dining alone with the author, who promptly turned it into a piece of short fiction, and insisting that I take credit as co-author.

OK, I’ll not stifle an author’s creative desires.  Taking Art Seriously is published on (the Pulp and Degenerate) Flash Fiction Offensive section of OutoftheGutterOnline website.

Without my credit.

But Jack has been sharing it around and letting everybody know that his sick and twisted story originated in MY (sick and twisted) brain.

I don’t mind the lack of credit, really I don’t.  The only thing that bothers me is, Jack’s interpretation of my daymare comes across as just a little tame.  If you could get inside my head, you’d know that.  But you really don’t want to get inside my head.  It’s already kind of crowded in there.

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