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Acerca de una antología de ciencia ficción finlandesa

Northern lights: anthology of Finnish science fiction (Osuuskumma International, 2016), edited by Magdalena Hai and Anne Leinonen is an interesting and novel proposal to approach, in Spanish, Finnish science fiction and fantasy.

Review: The Magic Wagon by Joe R Lansdale

The Magic Wagon reads like a classic dime novel, but the story maintains just enough of Joe R. Lansdale’s unique eye for the odd to appeal to those fans who crave the weird.

Entrevista con la Premiada Autora sueca Karin Tidbeck

An Spanish interview with new weird author Karin Tidbeck.

“Adventuring in the genre forest is fun”. Interview with Award Winner...

An interview with Karin Tidbeck, a Swedish author of weird fiction.

Reseña de libro: Luces del Norte. Antología de ciencia ficción finlandesa.

An overview of a collection of Finnish speculative fiction, focusing on steampunk and fantasy short stories.

Scide Splitters: BBC America’s Dirk Gently

Scides Splitters finds much to like in BBC America’s hectic and bizarre adaptation of Douglas Adams’ classic Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Review: Outlaws of Olympus by C. E. Martin

The Outlaws of Olympus by C. E. Martin is a fresh new series that will appeal to fans of both pulp westerns and Greek Mythology.

August’s Writing Prompt: Tongue Twister

Can you imagine what would happen if the citizens of two countries all woke up only able to speak the language of the other country? If so, write a story about it...

Una mirada al estilo de Lovecraft

Iván Rodrigo Mendizábal analyzes the concept of "weird fiction" in H. P. Lovecraft using some of the ideas of semiotician Roland Barthes and an essay Lovecraft wrote on his writing method.

Top 10 Young Adult Books You Need To Read By Fall

Now that summer is winding down a bit, it's time to start stocking up for winter reading - or - you're TBR pile is just not tall enough!

AMAZING NEWS: 7/24/2016

2016: the Women of Wonder Summer!

Asni’s Art Blog: Star Wars Popularity Contest: Boba Fett

I've come across quite a staggering amount of Boba Fett art considering that this is at best a secondary character.

Poetry Review – Dark Energies, Ann K. Schwader

A collection that is not to be missed!

Review: The Myriad Carnival ed. by Matthew Bright

Like a barker luring unsuspecting marks, The Myriad Carnival takes readers into the dark shadows behind the curtain, introducing them to the mystical world of the strange, the remarkable, and the macabre.

An Interview With Renowned Music Composer: Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows...

an interview with composer and game director AkiraYamaoka

Review: Otto Von Trapezoid and The Empress of Thieves by Jesse...

Otto Von Trapezoid and The Empress of Thieves is unlike any book you will come across. Author Jesse Baruffi has created an exciting world where anything can happen and probably will.

Review: The Troop

The Troop is an imaginative new comic of mutant heroes from Titan Comics by Noel Clarke and J. Cassara that will draw you in and not let go.

Review: The Weird Wild West

The Weird Wild West from eSpec Books brings new insight on what pioneer life could have been like as it takes readers across the fantastic frontiers of imagination.

Novedades de Octubre

Tanya rounds up everything SFnal in the spanish speaking world

Review: Weirdbook 31

In the spirit of its predecessor, the return of Weirdbook with issue 31 is simply here to entertain us with fresh new "weird" stories from a talented team of writers.

A Mixed Bag of Halloween (Eye) Candy

Just remember to look both ways before you cross the street and don't eat all your candy all on one night.

Surrealism: Giant Crabs Ate my Pontiac!

Allowing the unconscious to express itself, surrealism resolves the contradictory realms of dream and reality

Review: The Baba Yaga by Eric Brown and Una McCormack

Weird Space: Baba Yaga by Eric Brown and Una McCormack is a fast paced space opera filled with colorful characters, intense suspense, and thought provoking drama.

Review: The Mighty Casey by Rod Serling

When Rod Serling wrote The Mighty Casey for The Twilight Zone, he created an ideal example of some of the most important elements necessary for writing a successful short story.

Noticias Literatura 10-6

Minitura #142 - Weird; David Brin in Madrid; BEM goes online and a new anthology!


New fiction from Arthur Byron Cover, author of the Nebula nominated novel, Autumn Angels


All About science fiction in Finland - in Spanish!

Review – The Heretic Land, by Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon's 2012 novel The Heretic Land is something of an endangered species in modern publishing; a self-contained, complete unto itself secondary world fantasy novel.

Poetry Review – Littlest Lovecraft series by Tro Rex and Eyona...

The horror! The Horror! Lovecraft in verse...with pictures! My mind....it's descending into MADNESS!