AMAZING NEWS: 7/24/2016



ghostbusters-toy-salesGhostbusters Opening Weekend:  “Empty theaters” generate $46 million in ticket sales.  (Could be billions when seats are actually filled)

Ghostbusters Toys Flying off Toy Shelves (the “boy’s toys” aisle) (I don’t know what’s funnier:  boys asking for these toys because they’re actually fine with it, or MRA types rushing to the stores to buy them up to prevent boys from playing with “girl” toys….Either way, they’re selling and putting paid to the concept of “boy” and “girl” toys)

Hottest Month Ever, follows Hottest Year Ever, 14 Month Trend

Obligatory Anti-Trump News:  Bill Maher on the convention, the ticket and whether or not Laura Ingram gave a certain kind of salute….

Wonder Woman Trailer – WOW


An example of Bill Shatner NOT Putting His Foot in His Mouthand now he does

Fisher (maybe) reveals:  None of us are invited to Han’s funeral

Advice for partners from Star Trek (we recommend TOS)

New Trek Animaniacs

Captain Power

Caspak Gets the Comic Treatment

Futurama Fanorama

Icelandic Elves – Safe, for Now 

Time to get all hot and bothered again over who Negan killed:  New Season Trailer for TWD

No Matter Where You Go…There you are on TV: Buckaroo Banzai 

New Suicide Squad Trailer – Harley Quinn


SFWA to Admit Game Writers

Author & Editor Jack Dann to Receive Doctorate (editing Wandering Stars anthology)

Who’s a Fan?  (More Precisely, who is that fan?)

Chip Delaney Looking for Liner Notes (anyone else remember Alternate World Recordings?)

Comics & The Hugo Awards

Starlog Editor Announces use of “SF” rather than “Sci Fi”  (scroll down in the doc) (obviously didn’t take)

Copyright Small Claims Court Established

New Cthulhu Mythos Tales


SpaceX Launch and Landing (all launches should be at night!)

What People Would Look Like if They Could Survive High Speed Impacts

Gravity Lens Extends View of the Universe to 12.7 Billion Light Years


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