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Shadowpact – Graphic Novel Review

Every one hundred years, a new Shadowpact comes together when there is a great magical crisis afoot.

Graphic Novel Review: The New Adventures of Jack and Jack

Little Jack Horner, Jack B. Nimble, Jack the Giant Killer...they're all ALIASES!

Review: I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag IIB by...

I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag IIB by Jacques Tardi is one of those rare books that will stir, teach, and leave you in admiration of those who endured what hopefully, nobody else ever will.

THE DEVIL YOU SAY! Reviews and Comments

This week Steve looks at a Hellacious TV series, all about the Devil in Los Angeles, then jumps back and looks at Modesty Blaise in graphic format. Take a peek!

Comic Con London – Photos Galore

A plethora of awesome photos from MCM Comic Con, London.

Review: Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order by Diego Lazzarin

Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order is a unique graphic novel geared toward a select fanbase, but those familiar with creator Diego Lazzarin’s work will feel right at home.

Presencia hispanohablante en la WorldCon 2017

Happening in Helsinki! Tanya covers the beat.

Graphic Novel Review: The Mummy: Palimpsest

The Mummy: Palimpsest is a classic adventure packed with entertainment for hardcore fans of comics, horror and pulp classic films.

Comic Review: Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith is one of the best alternate history and fantasy comics out there.

Comic Review: DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke

DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke has a powerful message that should be experienced by those interested in both history and the DC universe.

Graphic Novel Review: Pacific

The recently translated graphic novel Pacific from Titan Comics is a bizarre tale that will appeal to the speculative fiction crowd, but fans of historical fiction should take notice too.

Review: Casefile: ARKHAM – Nightmare on the Canvas

Casefile: ARKHAM - Nightmare on the Canvas is the dark, mesmerizing graphic novel stables of 01 Publishing that fandom has needed for long time.

MCM Manchester UK (Comic Con)

Terence Jackson shares his impressions of the ComicCon held in Manchester, UK, as well as Donald Manning's photos of cosplayers who attended.

AMAZING NEWS: 7/24/2016

2016: the Women of Wonder Summer!

Why Was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? Part 5: The...

Wrapping up the series by talking about a final and really influential technological change, the digital revolution.

Why Was Early Comic Book Art so Crude (Part 4)

The fourth installment of MD Jackson's comic art history.

Why Was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? (Part 3)

The flawed heroes and the shared universe weren't the only revolutions that Stan Lee brought to the business

Why Was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? (Part Two)

Will Eisner was part artist and part businessman. In 1936 at the age of nineteen he and his partner Jerry Iger formed a studio that hired artists to produce comic books

Why was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? (Part 1)

Why was early comic book art so crude? It wasn't all the artist's fault....

London Comic Con May 2016

MCM Expo Comic Con goes to the Cosplayers!

Darwyn Cooke: 1962 – 2016

There are artists, and then there are comic book artists. Purely and simply, Darwyn Cooke was a comic book artist.


This week Steve does short reviews of a new movie plus five (5!) Aurora Award nominees for Graphic Novel... and asks for your consideration as well.


2016 takes its toll

ILLUMINAE: Science Fiction Told In a Unique Format

This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do. This afternoon, her planet was invaded.


Mandrake the Magician Vol. 1 brings back 80 years of memories and reminds us what real superheroes are supposed to be like.

AMAZING PEOPLE: Michael J. Sullivan Goes Graphic

Riyria enters the realm of the graphic novel.

Review: New Life and New Civilizations (ed.) Joseph F. Berenato

The history of Star Trek comics. (We've got one coming that's not in the book!)

Man of Steel Is the Superman Film You’ve Been Waiting For,...

Warning: Minor Man of Steel spoilers follow. In all fairness, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is a beautiful movie. It’s the kind of thing you’d...

East vs. West: Comic Book Showdown

Though my position here, such as it is, is that of "anime blogger," I think that my real interest in media from the Land...