Shadowpact – Graphic Novel Review

The holidays are over, January is now past – thankfully as it has been one cold, horrible January – and the hope of Spring looms on the horizon, albeit farther off for some of us. My trip to London in October of last year was very productive. I was able to meet my then week-old godson and hold him for the first time. I visited with friends, had lunches and teas with some, pints with others. It was a “jolly” good time.

While I was there, I visited one of my favorite shops, Forbidden Planet, or as I frequently call it “Nerdvana”. They always have some great items, not to mention an entire lower level devoted to the reading geeks – comics, graphic novels, books, etc. – things to suit every budget. It’s no secret that I’m quite thrifty most of the time, so I frequently go to the section of “3FOR2” graphic novels. I reviewed one of my previous purchases just before this last trip (you can read it here). Forbidden Planet has never disappointed me, and I did get some good buys this time. Here’s just one of the goodies I found.

Shadowpact – The Burning Age

I’m not one to get into the whole DC vs. Marvel debate. I know what I like and I read it. I am of the mindset that both universes have their merits. This selection just happens to be from the DC universe. For those who have followed the Shadowpact series, you know that this is an action-packed storyline with lots of magic and soul-stealing excitement. This edition, The Burning Age, was penned by Matt Sturges, who just happens to have written the Jack of Fables I reviewed and mentioned above. The artwork is truly astounding, with great attention to the smallest detail.

For those who haven’t read this series, here’s a glimpse into what’s in store. Every one hundred years, a new Shadowpact comes together when there is a great magical crisis afoot. The team, although seemingly disaster-prone, beat the odds to save the Earth. The Sun King has come to steal all the souls on the planet, and this is what the Shadowpact are facing. They are joined by past and future pacts to try to thwart this foe. Will they succeed? Get your copy and find out!

I have a few more purchases to read and review as the winter drags on. I’m already looking forward to the end of the semester and heading off to London for MCM Comic Con once more. Maybe I’ll see some of you there! Until next time, keep on geeking.

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