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Articles and posts that deal with SF, fantasy and horror pulps, both the magazines and the stories in them.


Ever heard of Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze? You will, you will. Steve brings us some news about him/it, and a book review.

Amazing Histories, August 1927: Red Mars and Darkest Africa

The debut of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, and an iconic Frank R. Paul cover.

Amazing Histories, July 1927: An Annual Event

Two-fer, as Doris dives deep into both the July 1927 issue and the one and only Amazing Stories Annual.

The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection

The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection from Meteor House is one of the most comprehensive collections highlighting the authors wide range of talent.

L’équilibre de l’extinction d’Arnauld Pontier

The sequel to F.E.L.I.N.E., a fine balance of the love of science fiction and popular culture

Novedades de enero

Bolivian anthology series Supernova releases the third edition, Editorial Cthulhu has published his third anthology: "HORROR QUEER, Rosarium Publisher announces 2018 plans; magazines, events and more

The Art of the Pulps: Review

A new, luscious art book devoted to the history of the pulp magazines.

Review: Latest Publications from DMR Books

The dynamic correlation between basic storytelling and the emotional imagery of poetic lyrics takes center stage in the latest publications from DMR Books

Review: This Ray Gun for Hire . . . and Other...

If Quentin Tarantino wrote a western space opera, you would end up with something like John M. Whalen’s raucous “This Ray Gun for Hire . . . and Other Tales."

Review: King Kong vs Tarzan by Will Murray

A lot happened between Skull Mountain and the Empire State Building. Will Murray fills the void with this colossal confrontation between two iconic characters in King Kong vs Tarzan.

Review “Pat Savage: Six Scarlet Scorpions” by Kenneth Robinson

Doc Savage’s daring cousin takes center stage in the new novel from Atlus Press, Pat Savage: Six Scarlet Scorpions by Kenneth Robinson

Noticias Literatura 23-11-16

News from the world of Spanish language speculative fiction, this week including the publication of two short story collections.

Review: Avengers of the Moon by Allen Steele

Avengers of the Moon by Allen Steele takes us back to the pulp classics by reviving Edmond Hamilton’s hero adventurer from the 40’s, Captain Future.

Review: Casefile: ARKHAM – Nightmare on the Canvas

Casefile: ARKHAM - Nightmare on the Canvas is the dark, mesmerizing graphic novel stables of 01 Publishing that fandom has needed for long time.

Noticias Literatura 5-10

News about additions to the "2016 Space. Conquistando el espacio..." conference lineup, as well as the latest edition of the magazine Supersonic.

Review: Outlaws of Olympus by C. E. Martin

The Outlaws of Olympus by C. E. Martin is a fresh new series that will appeal to fans of both pulp westerns and Greek Mythology.

The Retro Look and Stranger Things

Designer M. D. Jackson defends the visual style of the Netflix series Stranger Things, saying that its retro 80s look is a deliberate homage.

The Very First….

A bit of history and an interesting take on the development of the genre.

Review: Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography by Robert B. Zeuschner

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography is a comprehensive catalog of the author’s work, compiled in a massive yet elegant volume just as impressive as the writer it honors.

La collection Anticipation

Fabien Lyraud gives a brief overview of Anticipation, a collection of short novels published by Black River that focused on science fiction written in French.

Noticias Literatura 27-7

A report on the filming of Game of Thrones in Basque country and an interview with Joe Abercrombie. (Basque country looks pretty GoTy to me!)

AMAZING NEWS: 7/24/2016

2016: the Women of Wonder Summer!

The Clubhouse; Zine Reviews: “Our eldritch past.”

“This magazine was produced in Canada, on Canadian Paper, by Canadians.”


"The Rock" as Doc: Good, bad or...?

…and it was all Yellow

Embrace the Yellow!

BOOK and MOVIE REVIEWS: 11/22/63 and Whalen’s THE BIG SHUTDOWN!  

This week, Steve travels into the future with John Whalen's "Space Western," and into the past with Stephen King's novel about events surrounding John F. Kennedy's assassination. Both future and past hold our interest!

Dark Worlds Magazine

An early experiment in on-demand magazine publishing.

AMAZING NEWS: 1/24/1…”some call it heavenly in its brilliance”

aliens, aliens and more aliens; Boskone, space flowers, ice volcanoes, Groot, drones and Star Trek. Plus Suicide Squad and GotG. And - you guessed it - even more.

Roy G. Krenkel: Artistic Contradiction

Even if you don't recognize the name, you know who Roy G. Krenkel is.

Noticias Literatura 20-1

A questionnaire for author José Antonio Suárez, Eurocon report, Hispacon report