Review: Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography by Robert B. Zeuschner

For the diehard members of fandom, the name Edgar Rice Burroughs is synonymous with the literary genre of speculative fiction. For those looking for the definitive compendium of the works of this legend, the search just got a little bit easier. Thanks to the tenacious research effort of author Dr. Robert B. Zeuschner spanning over two decades, Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography is one of the most, if not the most complete catalogs of Burroughs’ U.S. and Canadian publications from 1911 to the present.

Edgar Rice Burroughs The Bibliography coverWhen the review copy first arrived, the immediate reaction was simply, “Wow.” This is a massive compilation sure to draw the interests of collectors, libraries, and ardent fans of the author. If you were not aware that the works of ERB expanded well beyond that of the classic Tarzan and John Carter stories, you are in for an eye-opening treat.

Though Zeuschner includes a delightful background of the life and writing career of Burroughs, this book is by no means a biography of the author. With that said, this comprehensive listing of ERB’s works does take readers into the author’s long storied career and is in a sense, a biographical account of his tenured influence over speculative fiction.

Published by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., this bibliography is available in two spectacular hardcover editions.

The “Standard” Edition (ISBN 978-1-945462-00-9) list priced at $100.00 is “Bound in midnight blue Cialux Italian book cloth with the spine and front cover decorative stamped in gilt. Color wrap-around dust jacket.”

The “Deluxe” Edition (ISBN 978-1-945462-01-6) list priced at $150.00 is “Bound in genuine red leather with a hub spine and cover decorations stamped in gilt. Color wrap-around dust jacket.”

Both versions include over 600 images (over 500 in color) spanning over 700 pages. Perhaps the most impressive visual element (in this reviewer’s opinion) is the vast array of ERB influenced covers that adorned pulp magazines.

Of course the works by ERB appearing in the pages of Amazing Stories over the years will be of special interest to our growing membership and readers. Some of the later covers displayed in this book will bring back wonderful memories for long time fans, but for the most part, the collection of images is a spectacular time capsule of the author’s appearances over the twentieth century.

The volume of information gathered in this bibliography is immense. Considering the body of work the legend accomplished during his lifetime (1875-1950), this should not be surprising. Though his work has influenced others over the years and spawned many works based on or about his literary creations, this bibliography is mostly focused on US published works written by Burroughs.

With a Ph.D. in comprehensive philosophy, author Dr. Robert B. Zeuschner has put his well-earned expertise to good use in compiling this expansive tome, and his passion for the subject comes through in the final results. Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography is a comprehensive catalog of the author’s work, compiled in a massive yet elegant volume just as impressive as the writer it honors.

Editor’s note:  and here are some of those covers:

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