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This past Tuesday, Amazing’s Review Editor, Ricky Brown, reported on the massive and quite impressive


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Amazing Stories has quite the intimate history with Mr. Burroughs and his work; Hugo Gernsback regularly solicited him for stories, as did the magazines other editors. Gernsback was well aware of the Master of Adventure’s appeal.

Burroughs has been no stranger within the pages of this iteration of Amazing Stories either (post lists here, here, here);  Burroughs’ work has proven a touchstone for many in the field, with the point of entry hardly worth mentioning – Lord Greystoke, Carson Napier, John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Nyoka, David Innes, Tanar, Gridley, Billy Byrne – each and everyone of them whetted an appetite that could only be slaked by more Burroughs.

He delivered, as this massive bibliographic tome amply illustrates.

Which brings us to the illustrations.

Burroughs was blessed with some of the most interesting and exciting action-packed pulp covers this side of I don’t know where;  swords in space?  Who, how and why?  One could not resist the allure, the cover had to be cracked and the pages needed to be turned.  From Schoonover to Mattingly, J. Allen St. John to Frazetta, Roy Krenkel, and beyond, Burroughs work offered plenty for the artist to depict and, more often than not, they delivered.

We offered images from the cover illustrations of ERB stories that have appeared in Amazing in year’s past; Zeuschner’s bibliography offers hundreds.  Jim Gerlach, publisher at ERB Inc, sent along a few of them to give everyone some small idea of the wonders that await them:

05.16.16 Introduction to the Illustrations

05.09.16 Template Paperback Layout


05.23.16 FINAL page 2


Jim has also generously made two copies of this seminal work available for giveaway by Amazing Stories.  We’ll announce how and where shortly.  In the meantime, here is a description of what you might be able to win:



By Robert B. Zeuschner

The Ultimate Guide to the Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs

This one-of-a-kind bibliography is a must have for anyone interested in the stories and the story of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Dr. Robert B. Zeuschner, one of the most highly respected ERB scholars, takes the reader on a delightful journey through the publications that made Mr. Burroughs one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own the most ambitious, colorful and insightful Burroughs bibliography ever published.


  • Over 2000 annotated, illustrated entries describing ERB publications from 1911 to the present.
  • 500 color images including 1st & reprint edition books & dustjackets, paperbacks and the 97ERB story-related pulp covers.

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: THE BIBLIOGRAPHY will be published on August 15, 2016 by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. and available in two 7 x 10 inch hardcovers editions available through the website – www.erbbooks.com  or by emailing jtgerlach@verizon.net

STANDARD EDITION: ISBN: 978-1-945462-00-9  $100.00

First edition bound in midnight blue Cialux Italian book cloth with the spine and front cover decorations stamped in gilt. Color wrap-around dust jacket, 700+ pages; 600+ images, 500 + in color on glossy stock. Limited to 900 copies

DELUXE EDITION: ISBN: 978-1-945462-01-6  $150.00

First edition bound in genuine red leather with a hub spine and cover decorations stamped in gilt. Limited to 375 signed (by the author, publisher, designer and John Ralston Burroughs, the grandson of ERB) and numbered copies. 700+ pages; 600+ images, 500 + in color on glossy stock

Until then, Keep your metal shiny!

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