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Why This Martian Full Moon Looks Like Candy

Under the Moons of Mars...JPL catches Phobos and Diemos rising...and it's not John Carter's sky


This week after an absence, Steve talks about Mars as myth, especially as portrayed by Leigh Brackett. Which do YOU prefer? Myth or science fact?

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

It's been exactly four years since the last time the world was supposed to end. Catch up with all the best end of the world theories here!

Review: Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography by Robert B. Zeuschner

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography is a comprehensive catalog of the author’s work, compiled in a massive yet elegant volume just as impressive as the writer it honors.

My Favorite Martian

Mark Watney is not the first human to have been stranded on Mars.

Illustrating Barsoom

Barsoom. Sooner or later, every artist has to try their hand illustrating Burrough's tales

AMAZING News 10/06/13

The latest in genre happenings

Swords, sex and science fiction

Legendary artist Gray Morrow created some comics as well

Sword & Planet

Discussions of what is and what is not Sword & Sorcery can be a thorny proposition. On the one hand S&S is largely no...

Mars Babylon: A Review of John Carter and the Gods of...

Reading Michael D. Sellers’ fascinating book, John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, we learn all the reasons why John Carter, Disney’s film version of...

John Carter Through the Years

In light of John Whalen's review of Michael Seller's John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, I thought it might be instructive to take...

Cloud Atlas Shrugged – or let the Skyfall

On Monday Skyfall was released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK. Tomorrow Cloud Atlas will open in UK cinemas. Two films, poles apart....

…And We’re Not Spending Billions to Defend Ourselves?

Yesterday the Huffington Post published a map prepared by Javier de la Torre from CartoDB that illustrated every single known meteorite impact on the...