Book Cover: Recursion by Blake Crouch

Matt’s Reviews: Recursion by Blake Crouch

Publisher:        Ballantine Books Release Date:  June 2019 Length:             336 Pages ISBN10:           1524759783 SBN13:              9781524759780 Recursion by Blake Crouch tells the story of a brilliant woman who is trying to find a way to save memories […]

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Film Review: Sorry About Tomorrow

8 hours ain’t a lot of time to make a movie. The 48 Film Project has given us a lot of films, some of which have been remarkable, and some of which have been among the worst films ever made. I should know: I’ve made a couple of those. In recent years things seems to have changed and the pinnacle of these films are among the best shorts I’ve seen all year. Like There’s Nothing Funny About a Clown in Love and Snow in the City from San Francisco, the winners in several other cities have really moved me, and none of them with the intelligence and dark logic of Sorry About Tomorrow.

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